September 19, 2005

Ok fine I admit it

Ok fine, I admit it, I'm a closet Brett Favre fan. Now you all know my terrible secret. Being a Chicago Bears fan this leaves me in bit of a quandary. I justify it by pointing out that I still dislike the Packers in general. Except Bubba Franks because his name is can you not like a guy named Bubba? My point exactly.

But seriously, how can you not like the guy? He never takes a day off, doesn't complain, and has just a cannon for an arm. The man's 37 years old and he can still throw the ball sixty or seventy yards down the field. He plays hurt, he doesn't make excuses, and he has no qualms about taking the team on his back and carrying them. Plus, he has a propensity for trying to make rediculously hard plays that either turn into freebies for the defense or make the highlight reels and that makes him fun as hell to watch.

Besides his football talent, and I questioned the legitimacy of this for a long time, he is a very honest, down-home type of person that wants nothing more than a fishing rod and a quiet lake to enjoy an afternoon. Add to all of that the fact that the man has sent at least 37 tractor-trailors full of supplies and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the people of New Orleans, and how can you not like him?

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