October 25, 2005

Cold Nose

How many times have you gone to bed, and your nose is significantly colder than the rest of your body? Maybe you were just outside for a while, or it could be because it's forty degrees outside and the air conditioner is still blowing cold air into your room. Whatever the reason, it sucks. It's uncomfortable, at least to me, to have my nose feel cold and try to sleep. Thus, we have to use our genius minds to figure out a solution. Call it a real-life example of problem solving.

We have some options. One thought is to sleep on your stomach, with your nose buried in the pillow. Of course, after 45 seconds of suffocating yourself you realize how unintelligent the idea was to begin with. Next, we try sleeping with our head completely under the covers. This works for a while, but after five or ten minutes I find it hard to sleep while breathing in the hot, humid air (not to mention lack of oxygen) that has stayed under the covers.

Now that we're fully awake from two attempts at self-suffocation, you decide to use your engineering prowess to solve your problem. You pull the topmost cover all the way over your head, turning it just slightly so that, if laying on your side, you can leave a small, oblong opening between the cover and the pillow for cool, oxygen-rich air from the outside to come in, while still covering your cold nose from the harsh, wintery climate outside your bed. It's genious, not only is your nose benefiting from the warmth of your body heat trapped by blankets, the rest of your body benefits from the air being breathed through the opening. It's perfect...until you realize that you've uncovered your feet in the process of creating your breathing/nose warmth cave. So you curl into the fetal position, with your blood pressure approaching 180, and try to calm yourself long enough to get a few hours of well-deserved sleep.

Posted by chupathingy on October,25, 2005 at 2:16 PM | Comments (3)

I've created that same cave, but more often it is to block out the sun from my eyes if I've stayed up way too long.

Comment by: Dan Kordik at 2:33 PM, October, 26, 2005

I have gone throught the same routine at night trying to warm my nose. I've blamed mine on menapause, because it happens between hot flashes. Along with the cold nose my toes also get very cold. I sleep throught the hot flashes but the cold toes and nose wake me up.

Comment by: Teresa at 1:22 PM, April, 14, 2007

You seem to be living my night-life :P

Comment by: Suchi at 5:02 PM, March, 20, 2009