August 27, 2007

Activity #8, or: What I'd Do if it wasn't for Class

Activity #8 states that I must embark on an impromptu road trip. I interpret that to mean that the initial action must be impromptu. Everybody has places that they'd like to go so I don't think considering possible travel destinations breaks the impromptu clause. That said, I do have a list of possible destinations, but part of the beauty of a road trip is that there can be more than one destination, so several could be added together in one trip. This is why I much prefer driving to flying, although the extra few hundred miles per hour does make things easier. What I present here, as a way to actually pretend I'm accomplishing something, is a starter set of possible impromptu road trips. You'll notice a theme pretty quickly, so I feel I should pause to make sure you actually clicked the link to see the context of this list of activities.

Ok, now we can begin, in random order:

1. (Insert Brand Here) Distillery/Brewery. The Jim Beam and Jack Daniels distilleries immediately come to mind, though I'd add Ten High for personal reasons to create a holy trifecta of whiskey distilleries. Jim and Ten High are bottled in Kentucky and Jack lives in Tennessee so it may be possible that all three could be visited in one day. This would likely be far too much awesome for one person to handle, but I'm willing to try. Other locations high on my list would be the Keystone brewery in Colorado and Budweiser in St. Louis, which might make for a nice day trip. Southern Comfort, I believe is also bottled in Kentucky, which i think would be an interesting place to visit.

2. Key West. This would be a long one, at least two days of hard driving, but I would love to go back now that I'm 21. The first time, I enjoyed it immensely even though I was woefully underage. The sunset festival (held every night) was fun sober, so I can only imagine how much more fun it'd be with a drink in my hand.

3. Vancouver. Again, this is another long trip, but I've always wanted to go to the area. I say area because you have to look for Bigfoot if you're going to be close. Other wildlife to see are the killer whales that beach themselves to catch seals and some gigantically large trees. Also, the 4400 is shot in the area.

4. Sandusky, Ohio. Two words: Cedar Point. If you like roller coasters you must go to this park. I've always wondered what it'd be like to be drunk on a roller coaster. Not so drunk that it makes you puke, just a kind of warm glow to settle the butterflies that get all excited when you go up that tall first hill. I think it'd seem like you were going faster since your senses would be a bit slowed down. Or all the adrenaline would flush the liquor right out of your system. Either way, the experiment should happen. Also, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is in nearby Canton, Ohio. I've been once but land that sacred must be ventured to at least twice.

5. Anywhere with a warm beach so I can sit (or lie in a hammock) on a beach with a drink in my hand so I can just sit there and relax and watch the tide roll in.

6. Anywhere not mentioned in 1-5. I really don't care come to think of it. The joy of a road trip is the journey. Rolling down the windows, cranking up the radio, and watching unfamiliar country pass by is my idea of a good time. Beside, who honestly has never wished they could be a drifter back in the day when you could jump the train and go wherever you want with no cares in the world? Driving and not knowing for sure where you want to stop is probably the closest thing you can do in this day and age.

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