April 23, 2008

Fifteen Minute Musing

"The first draft of anything is shit"
-Ernest Hemingway

Outside the window from the office that I use for T.A. related stuff, there's a red brick building. However, all of the bricks are not red. About half of the red bricks are light red bricks, and the other half are dark red. Then, interspersed randomly throughout are black bricks. These black bricks are like the outcasts of the wall, and yet they are the first place that one's eyes go when you look at the wall. On the other hand, the light red bricks that make up a good portion of the wall do not really stand out, but seem somehow more steadfast than their darker counterparts. The dark red bricks seem to be caught in the middle. While they are red, like most of the rest of the wall, they are much closer to the radical black bricks than the light red bricks. These are the bricks that are my heros. They reject the relative safety of being conservatively light red, and yet they do not embrace the total radicalism of the darkest bricks. They seek moderation between the extremes, and as a result can get along with both the light red and the black bricks. The dark red bricks are the glue of the brick society that holds the wall together.

It's good that there are differing types of brick throughout the wall, because complete conformity would leave for a very uninteresting wall. However, it is also probably best that the safe, conservative bricks outnumber the radicals. The stodgy light red bricks help to hold the wall together without seeking the spotlight, and we need those bricks. The dark bricks seem to be the ones that want the spotlight, and are less interested in holding the wall together than in standing out and being noticed. And then in the middle of it all are the hero bridge bricks, that help to keep the peace and keep the wall in harmony. Any of the bricks could have formed a wall by themselves, but they need their counterparts to contrast and create a truly great wall.

Note: Written betwen 5:09pm and 5:24pm on a whim and edited only for spelling and a bit of grammar. I don't how long the experiment will continue, but I tend to strangle myself with self-editing and things don't get finished. Maybe this will help.

Posted by chupathingy on April,23, 2008 at 5:08 PM | Comments (2)

so, basically your admitting... you can't commit?

also.... who is it that writes this blog? i know all the other kordix blogists... blaggists... blagonians... bloggers(!), but can't figure out who this is.

Comment by: holler at 5:37 AM, April, 25, 2008

I'm saying that if I write something, I can't leave it alone and I'm never happy with it and so it ends up getting left to rot in draft hell.

also....I'm one of kordik's friends from ISU.

Comment by: Neil at 6:11 PM, April, 26, 2008