June 10, 2008

Election 2008 - The Ugly

Not everything that comes from this upcoming election and presidency will be pretty. Politicians and the media in America have proven that they won't let that happen.

Prepare yourself now for the race card to get played repeatedly and ignorantly in the upcoming election. Whether it's the stupid talk about the possibility of Obama being assassinated or the need for McCain to reach out to minorties, things will be errantly construed to be specific to the racial dichotomy of this election. Every candidate in any election should be trying to reach voters of all races, and every politican is at the same risk of idiots with guns. Much will also be made of the fact that Clinton got more votes than Obama from white middle-class voters. That the primaries were only among registered Democrats will escape all but teh savviest pundits. Along the same lines, but camouflaged is the talk of trusting Obama. I know some very intelligent people that have already been influenced by pundits with an agenda that like to tap into whatever instinctive racism that exists in the populace. Let's be clear, anyone talking about trusting one candidate more than the other is admitting that they can't or won't think for themselves and base their vote on actual policies.

We'll also probably get the asinine conversation about "moral issues" that really doesn't belong in any mainstream Presidential debate, let alone being legislated by the Federal government. I'm guessing McCain will benefit from this dialogue, although I've been impressed by McCain's reticence at times to publically examine his own religious beliefs. Whether it was an act or not, I appreciate it when Presidential candidates don't try to prove how religious they are to win over the self-righteous. Also be prepared to hear about Jeremiah Wright at least a few thousand more times before November rolls around.

Another fun thing we have to look forward to for the next five months is biased pundits in the mainstream media. If you're bored some afternoon, flip through the tv news channels and see how long it takes to figure out which candidate each pundit favors. In my experience, it doesn't take long. Objectivity doesn't sell enough commericals it would seem.

While this may paint a bleak picture of the electoral debate, I'm sure that at least ten minutes of every hour of debate in the media will be relevant. And be sure to circle Election Day on your calendars. After that day, this whole process will be over and we can be done hearing the incessent noise about the Presidential candidates. Not for too long of course, 2012 will come around sooner than we think.

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