November 19, 2008

An Observation

I'd like to share an experience I had in traffic recently. Either I ran over a sheep, or I ran over a small man in a sheepskin coat.
-George Carlin

I have an observation I’d like to share with you that, hopefully, will a) bemuse you or b) amuse you. That’s right, I just made a reverse alphabetical alliteration pun. I’ve no idea what that might mean...

Moving on: it’s a weird feeling when you walk into an empty men’s room in an unfamiliar building, and you don’t see any urinals; urinals being, of course, the universal internal signal that differentiates the men’s room from the lady’s room. For just a second you doubt your ability to decide whether a stick figure is or is not wearing a skirt. You could walk back outside and check real quick, but what if someone sees you? You’ll look foolish for sure. The only option is to enter a stall, do your business, and convince yourself that yes, you did read the sign correctly. At some level there’s still a little fear that a woman might walk in, creating a potentially embarrassing situation, so it’s best to hurry things along a bit. On the way out you can give a surreptitious glance at the sign to reassure yourself of your stick-skirt checking abilities. Maybe you’ll have the chance to hold the door for another man walking into the bathroom, which would give you a reason to hesitate long enough to read the sign without breaking your neck, not to mention the reassurance that if you’re wrong, at least someone else is wrong too. Embarrassment does love company.

Posted by chupathingy on November,19, 2008 at 1:28 AM | Comments (3)

so was it a men's room that you walked into?!?

Comment by: Holler at 3:59 PM, November, 19, 2008

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Comment by: Dan K at 11:19 PM, November, 19, 2008

yeah it was in a dorm that used to be all-female, but is now co-ed, so they converted one of the female bathrooms into a men's room. I double checked on the way out :P

...and why Modern Drunkard? I was perfectly sober at the time.

Comment by: neil at 11:57 PM, November, 30, 2008