Bunloads of random cost a mere buck sixty-three
-- 5:08 AM--

When I have ideas swimming around inside my head, I wonder whether fish have thoughts that walk around in their heads.

Dee for three.

Maybe the hare was a pothead and just didn't care if a stupid little tortoise beat him.

The BFH Drinking Game is awesome and I can't wait for the barcrawl. Too much to do and so much school to get in the way.

Love is a gamble, quit playing craps with my heart. It prefers poker anyway.

Sabotage? Sabotage. Rainbow Connection? Rainbow Connection.

Zach Braff, you fucking LOVE backgammon!!! (1 drink)

Omni Tophat.

Apparently, KDR has a Cooter. While he gets naked and drinks a lot, he pales in comparison to the crazy Couter Mike residing within me.

When giving someone a KICK IN THE FACE, protect your genitals.

All people should walk backwards, and when meeting a group we should say "goodbye" and when leaving a group we should say "morning, dildongs!"

If I ever say "I'm gonna kick it Old Style!" I am not being stupid and thinking that "old style" is the same as "old school". I mean I am getting drunk on Old Style. Not that I've ever said that or anything.

Netscape was founded by Marc Adreessen who developed the first popular web browser, Mosaic, while at UofI. The original name of his corporation was Mosaic Communications, but they dubbed their browser Mozilla, a contraction for "Mosaic Killa". (nerded up, 1 drink)

Abu should have a pet thumbmonkey that he keeps with him under his tiny fez at all times.

What Would an African Warlord Do? He'd hire a child army to write a speech for me. That's what an African Warlord would do. (2 drinks)

There is a place where half the people can only speak in questions and half the people can only speak in answers. If you can only ask questions, you may only marry a person who speaks in answers, and vice-versa. However, there are no rules regarding gender. People are found sexy because they ask thoughtful questions or give well formed answers.

I am less afraid of Hell than of ceasing to exist.

Dinosaurs should run for president. I think they'd have some interesting ideals that would stir up quite a debate. Not that i'd ever vote for a dinosaur though.

Morning, Dildongs!

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Now that's the kind of crazy crap that we've all been awaiting from the Mallio blog.

(.posted.by.Diddy.) at December 7, 2004 9:21 AM

rainbow connection indeed. as for abu's thumb monkey, i dont know that i could draw him. but i'd sure as hell try.

(.posted.by.hollimer.) at December 7, 2004 1:05 PM


If you want a randoff them you're in for a pepperly deborchle. Not only do the toads of the west secrete hallucinigenic liquid that is more potent, but they do it in giant logical organization. Fefferoff done still, in a land of panky sankchops you can never be too sweet. For every elephant has a sister and each parrot has a dad. Twist to the east and you'll find it's great cousin the bullburry bandog. Fetch a stick means poach a lollenwonger."It scares the hell out of me" but nothing is as bad as lying to yourself.
I dedicate this comment to his most holy god of blogs, Pontificles.

(.posted.by.Marv.) at December 7, 2004 10:20 PM
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