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They come right in the middle, they matter quite a little.

So today I went to cast my vote. I voted for [SECRET BALLOT] and [SECRET BALLOT], amongst others.

I voted on the robot. I really hope it doesn't eat my vote and use it for fuel on its path to taking over the world. A vote on the new electronic voting machine is a possible vote for the inevitable robotocracy.

I am worried though. I mean, a computer can't accurately count votes. That's not what it was made for. Computers are designed to compute highly complicated equations that most humans couldn't even begin to comprehend. Simple single digit addition confuses computers.

Also, those touch screens they use couldn't possibly be as good as the touch screens on ATMs that people use across the world use thousands of times per day. I'm pretty sure those use alien technology. No human touch screen is accurate enough to put a little x in the box you touch. I am also far more worried about my one vote being stolen than my money.

But seriously, I really find it hard to understand the fear. It's the simplest program in the world. Its ADDITION! Find me a computer that messes up addition with numbers less than 2 billion and then I'll be afraid. Honestly, the program that drives an ATM is far more complicated and far easier to hack, and deals with MONEY, something that honestly, is far more important than your vote. When's the last time an election was decided by you? When's the last time you needed some quick cash?

Then people complain about the potential for voter fraud. How is that not an issue with paper ballots? Voter fraud with paper ballots just takes some shmooze and a couple friends named Benjamin. Computers are not easily persuaded. I suppose you could crack them open and rewire them. Good luck doing that in front of the election officials. These machines are closed, there is no network involved. You can't plug a computer in from your home and hack into your local polling place.

Honestly, mostly good will come from the electronic ballots. They are far easier to use, especially for people with vision problems. Counting takes no perceivable amount of time, and despite rumors, the count is far more accurate. Thousands of hand counted votes are lost or miscounted (see florida, 2000) in every election, and that just won't happen with computers. This technophobia is ridiculous and the only reasons I can see for it are people's fear of change and propaganda put forth by those who realize it'll be harder to play dirty.


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smiley faces welcome here, but i'm not likely to check this often or at all, but i will be checking boardix regularly as usual, so if you wanna argue, don't expect a response from me here.


I'm going to comment here, mostly because you told me not to. I don't think the real fear that people have is the computers not being able to tally votes properly. What people worry about is the machines breaking down and the 77-year-old election judges not having any idea how to fix them. And that happens fairly often from what I was hearing yesterday. Also, you have to worry about people walking in and smashing the electronic voting machines with cat-shaped paperweights.

dan did it, why can't I?:

From what I heard, most of the trouble was due to two things:

1) election officials not being trained (or absorbing their training) on the equipment, and
2) higher-up election officials not delivering necessary things like smart cards or the MACHINES THEMSELVES to the poling places on time.

Ummm yay for no networks.

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