February 24, 2005

Tests, tests, and all that other stuff too

Well l, I have never been quite so busy in my entire life. I had my first test last Wendesday, and I was also legitamitely sick for the first time since freshman year of highschool. I struggled through that bastard of a oral test with a 102 fever. Yay. Well, actually no. I don't think I passed. Actually, the teacher told me outright that I didn't pass, but since I was sick, I would be able to take it again next semester.

Since then, I've been trying to divide my time between this new love interest in my life, and my test today in 5 hours. Although I haven't really found much time for studying, those are the reasons why I haven't exactly been online a whole lot lately. I might as well throw you a few details about aforementioned girlfriend due to popular interest. Her name is Luz, and she is from Colombia. We met at a Fasching (Carnival) party at thebeginning of February, and we hit things off when I called her backa week later. I already have a few pictures, but I don't have time right now to figure out exactly how to get them all online.

She and her sister are both here studying in Germany for a few years, and her sister is the girlfriend of one of my neighbors, Pancho. That was how I got dragged along to this party. But this past weekend, on Sunday, Pancho directed a short film here in the Studentenstadt. He had about 20 extras to help film a hole-in-the-wall bar scene, and I've been helping him out with all of the computer related editing and such (yet another reason why I haven't had any time lately). I was there the entire day from 9am til 6pm-ish taking pictures of him making the film. So, any pictures that I do have are from the set of that film, and I think you guys will enjoy some of them -- whether it be the incredibly stoned and still drunk at 4pm lead actor, or the crazy German playing an incredibly stoned and drunk character.

So yeah, that's kinda what's going on now. I hope I survive to post the pics sometime tomorrow. Until then, peace out, and go Illini!

O, and to Betsy, I'm usually online sometime between 8am and 2pm. I might be getting online around 1am now that I'm waking up so early every day. So we'll see what happens.

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Man, I hate tests. I wish they neve exist.

Posted by: Anonymous at March 16, 2005 7:01 AM
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