March 13, 2005

Spring Break!!

Well, I am finally done with all of my tests, and my first semester is over this year :) I don't know how all the grades will turn out, but I haven't been to concerned about that lately. I'll definitely be doing some travelling during this month that I have, but I don't think I'll be gone the whole month like I wanted to be. I have a few too many reasons now to stay here a little longer in Munich.

I'm heading over to Dublin on Tuesday awaiting St. Patty's Day, and I will stay until Friday or Saturday...not really sure yet. I'm shacking up by one of those Irish girls that I met while I was here in Munich. Don't worry, it's quite innocent, but I have yet to mention it to Luz. Either way, it'll be a good time.

Whoops, gonna have to cut this one a bit short. I'm writing this from Luz's place and she's looking at me funny like she wants to use the computer.....dang....speaking in German and writing in English is kinda hard. Well, I'll cya guys later. Hopefully all the spring break plans pan out. Peace.

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