July 19, 2005

Home sweet Home

Nope, I'm not there yet, but I am finally coming back stateside. I should be getting back into Chicago on July 30th, if all goes according to plan.

Yeah, yeah, I know that I haven't been posting anything in the past few months. It's just difficult for me at this point to start writing anything. When I end up starting a blog entry, the first thing that pops into my head is home. It's quite depressing knowing that I'm not there yet. At the same time, it's even more depressing that I am going to have to leave Munich and Germany behind along with all of the people I've met along the way.

The experiences of a year abroad are simply amazing. Honestly, I've enjoyed the time so much in the past few months, I have just been able to avoid thoughts of home. You just learn so many new things, and have tons of fun along the way. It helps a bit that I have earned the reputation as our building's "party boy." I'm sure that's something everyone would expect of me. No worries, I kept up the craziness here in Germany, and I definitely have a week's worth of stories for when I get back.

Just a quick flashback of the months of June and July:

May 28th - Birthday party - About 30 people showed up to celebrate with me. We ended up drinking 6 cases of beer (60 liters), 2 bottles of Zambuca, 2 bottles of Vodka, homemade schnapps, and then whatnot. The craziness at the party caused Ogi, my ex-neighbor, to move out.

June 3-6 - Rock im Park - 4 days of complete drunkeness combined with rock n' roll in moderation

June 6-24 - Chilled with Sophie and Simon pretty much. Just the usual partying. O yes, and our new favorite pastime: Taking inflatable boats (like the ones used for a swimming pool) and travelling from Muenchner Freiheit back to the Studentenstadt (about 1.5 hours). Beer is often brought along for emergencies.

June 24-27 - Erfurt, Germany - Went with Sophie and Simon to Erfurt to pick up Sophie's stuff. We camped in a tent on some field in front of a cemetery. On our second day there, we ended up getting taken home by some guy to watch soccer. We ended up crashing in the apt. that he got for us. Freaky time.

July 1-4 - Somewhere 250 km southeast of Lyon, France - Brought Sophie back home to her family. I learned how to drive stick shift, and saw the most amazing night sky in my life. There were only 3 other houses where she lived, and it was simply the most beautiful countryside that I had ever seen.

July 4th-present - unfortunately I actually starting studying at this point. There was definitely a free Audioslave concert last Monday.

O well, that's it. I'll make at least one more farewell entry before I leave, but I just can't write any more at the moment.

Song of the last two months - Rise Against - Swing Life Away
It is eerily applicable to what I did this year....it really applies to all of us. Eventually everyone goes their seperate ways.

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