June 8, 2004

Eine Kleine Einfuehrung

As most of you probably know, I will be studying in Germany for an entire year. I haven't honestly thought too much about it or that language barrier thing, but I've made this blog to talk about it. I leave on August 29th, and won't be returning until Christmas Eve. So until then, don't expect too many posts in here. I'll probably just be griping about all the damn paperwork I have to fill out.

When I finally depart, boardix will become one of my primary means of communicating with you hosers back in the states. I have set up a site to host my pictures, and will be posting links to pictures of my various travails in here.

And once again, for any who are interested, feel free to visit. Plane tickets are quite cheap, and lufthansa tickets cost under 500 bucks if you buy them early.

In short, this next year should be pretty exciting, and I will be writing plenty about it.

Bis Dann.

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