December 23, 2004

Sylvester and Weißwurst

The Germans are so screwed up, they can't simply just call christmas christmas. They have to make up a weird nickname, which happens to be the Sylvester -- like the cat. Despite the weird naming scheme, everyone here goes bonkers for Christmas. It's below freezing, but there are buttloads of people walking around these christmas markets scattered all over town. Since everything is out in the open, people make short Glühwein breaks on a regular basis. For those of you not in the know, Glühwein is a German spiced wine that they heat up for when you are really ass cold. When it comes to alcohol, the Germans are similar to smokers. They're content to stand outside shaking and shivering their collective asses off in order to get their fix.

O well, I have to be awake at 430 in the morning my time in order to catch a 7am flight. Kinda sucks, but it means that I'll be flying home in little over twelve hours. I guess that means I have to fit in as much German stuff in the next twelve hours as possible. That means sausage, sausage, sausage, and then some beer. Mmm...Sounds delicious.

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December 22, 2004

Sexy snowman and other related German phenomena

Well, the words snowmen and sexy do not usually appear in the same sentence, but in Germany, it is apparently commonplace. This weekend a few Irish girls came for another visit to Munich, so we hit up the club pretty hard on Friday and Saturday nights. In Germany, that means staying out til at least 4am and totally forgeting what happened at the end of Saturday night.

So, back to the snowmen. We woke up around 4pm on Sunday to be greeted with a foot of snow on the ground. We saw people out and about making all kinds of snowmen. By the time we made it outside, they were almost finished. What can I say? They were masterpieces. The one was a well done naked snow-woman with a detailed face (and an anatomically correct body). Just down the road, there were not one, but two snowmen -- doing it doggy style. It's just what I needed to get in the Christmas spirit.

Other than that, we did alot of Christmas shopping, which I am leaving to do right now. So, cya guys later. Gotta fit in all those last minute christmas presents. But yeah, I get home on Friday, and I want to hear the stolen car story as soon as possible.


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December 14, 2004

Almost there

Well, I am definitely looking forward to my triumphant return to the suburbs next Friday. I've had no trouble getting into the christmas spirit german-style, because it just entails what I do best, alot of beer drinking. Other traditions aside, I haven't really felt any further from home until these past few days. After reading the blogs posted, I just get depressed knowing that everyone else is depressed. I should be having fun, but when I do, it somehow feels falsch, ein unrecht (not right would be a rough translation).

And, for the record, this is my third take on this blog entry. I attempted to write something similar last week, but too many German words were coming through. Maybe that's it. I'm actually starting to think instinctively in German and it frightens me. The fact that I haven't used a dictionary for the past 2 months is a testament to that fact. Maybe it's that I just feel downright strange not having to study every night to learn the material. Maybe it's the women, but that's another story all together. Thinking back to UofI, I should be pretty happy with dating and going out with people. But, when it all falls down in your face, you almost wish that you didn't start anything in the first place. I don't really have the courage to post everything in my blog like some other members of the community, but maybe I should. It might be easier to spit it all out thousands of miles away than in person when I'm asked how things are going. Ach, thousands of miles away. Dammit.

O well, aside from not being able to really talk to anyone online, things have been going well. I have alot of interesting stories for when I get back, and hopefully I'll arrive with a case full of german beer for everyone (that is, if they let me through customs with so much alcohol). So until then guys and gals. I'm looking forward to finally getting back to the states.

Songs of the Day: Closer to our Graves - Lucky Boys Confusion
Die perfekte Welle - Juli

Favorite Hobby of Late: Staying up til 5/6 am due to Insomnia drinking beer and watching movies with some neighbors

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December 1, 2004


Yeah yeah. I know it's a bit late for a thanksgiving post, but I've been kind of lazy lately. I mean, well, I'm always lazy, so you readers (if there is anyone actually reading this) will just have to deal with it.

Well, I managed to celebrate thanksgiving twice this year. It was actually really cool and completely unexpected. On Wednesday someone just randomly invited me to a big thanksgiving dinner usually for people with the Lewis and Clark University program. She (Slovakian girl named Lenka) apparently went to lewis and clark a few years ago, but is now studying here for a PhD. So, needless to say I went and enjoyed myself. I met a few more people there, and it looks like I finally found a poker game here in good ole Munich... and a few more girls to go out clubbing with, but I think poker is more important, so we'll just stick with that.

The Thanksgiving continued on Saturday. Since then, I've realized why holidays are spaced so far apart. Do not under any circumstances every celebrate thanksgiving twice in a week. It is certain death. To avoid this unfavorable condition, we played Ultimate on Sunday. So yeah, pretty good weekend overall. Tomorrow is a holiday for us here in Munich. Our university gets to celebrate itself. Hopefully I'll be able to travel to one of the cool towns in northern bavaria and then I will finally be compelled to post some photos online.

So yeah, Cya guys later. My condolences to the dead fish.


P.S. Anyone know a way to stream the illini game on the internet? Even tho its at an ungodly hour, I really wanna see it.

Go Illini!!

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