March 18, 2005

All Your Data Are Belong To Us.



TagZapper - Wipes your RFID tags clean.

Building in a Bag - Just add water. For serious. Read this.
The most pimped out shopping cart you will ever see.
The most dangerous mp3 player you will ever see.
The Sonic Devestator - Death in a Can. A very very loud can.
Hell has frozen over.
Gmail is going public. Get your moniker before its too late!
A new Star Wars movie that might not suck? An independent, non-profit production. Amazing... Be sure to watch the trailer.
IE can be infected with new spyware, even when you only use Firefox. Amazing...
Cool new photo colorizing technology - there are cool demos. If you are a nerd you'll appreciate this.
Astor Rubix Cube Art Hack - Art Hacks are coolest hacks ever. While we're on the subject of creative hacks (which in this sense means more like pranks), the MIT Gallery of Hacks is without a doubt the authoritative, definitive source of wicked-freakin-cool pranks. Nothing will ever compare to turning the tallest building on campus into the worlds largest VU meter. Nothing. Not even an infinite sea of twinkies on a blissful bed of marinated steaks.... shoot, I must be hungry. All I can think about is food.

The most elegant implementation of a computer in a car that I have ever seen.
Well, you did sign up for something called "Spamalot," after all. They had it coming.
Wallace and Grommit kick clay. There's a new feature coming your way.

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March 11, 2005

Apple = Tiny.

So Apple means Small. Here's some links to see all the cool tchotsch that I mentioned in my article.

The original Newton MessagePad. How Cute.

The Newton, still going strong in certain cult circles, years after being discontinued by Apple.
Specs on the last Newton - It had a 162 Mhz processor, 2 pc card slots, and a 480x320 16-shade greyscale display, backlit in all its monochromatic glory.

The G4 Cube - This thing was fricken' hot. Would make a pretty cool webserver in your home, I think, maybe a webcam server, something of that nature. I mean, its like the size of a toaster... and you can turn it into one of the world's coolest aquariums... what can't it do??

The Mac Mini - This thing is so cool, it makes me want to curse. It freakin' KICKS. And while the entry-level price is a modest, cool $500, if you are like me, the configuration you want runs for more like $1,103.00. +10 cool points for anyone who can tell me what config that would me.

ColorwarePC'ed Mac Minis... Need I say more?

Now your mac mini can be even more amazing, because it is painted a sexy shade of red. This will get you chicks, I promise.

The iBook mini does not exist... yet. Check out the rumor on it though, as Apple is demostratably cool and it wouldn't be surprising to see one in the works.

That's all I got for you right now. I will, as always, be ever-vigilant and watchful on the internet horizons, and I'll post any interesting stories that I see on this blog here so that you all can stay on the up-and-up without getting too down-and-dirty.

Oh, and can we do a little test? I'm not sure anyone is actually going to read this blog ever, so if you are, would you please kindly post a comment so I know that my words to not immediately fall into digital oblivion? Thanks.

And I'm sorry this blog didn't go up until late on Friday. I'm a fool, 'nuff said.

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