April 29, 2005

Phones that are Awesomer than You


The movie version of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!!!
What Googlebot looks like, sorry Papyrus editors for more G-word references.
I know all the HHGTTG Geeks (like me) will be out in force tonight, but here's something for the star wars geek in all of us.

A pretty freakin' sweet liste of Outlook 2003 Command Line Switches - don't know why you would want this but i'm sure somebody cares.

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April 22, 2005

The Blog is Back, Yo.

the prodigal blog returns!

Musical Hamsters
- "Yeah, but is it ART??" "You tell ME, I don't know... (Quote from Robert Crumb "Tja, aber ist es Kunst?" - thanks, kate.)

Nintendo-based MIDI controllers are even cooler than your USB Nintendo Controller. This was lifted from MAKE Magazine, which you should subscribe to if you are interested in the punk-rock DIY hardware-hacking ethos that is so darn kick-butt. And then you should let me read your issues.

Flash Tracker - Along the lines of audio/recording (with that punk-rock ethos), here's a sweet guerilla recording device from m-aduio. Once in a while M-Audio does something cool. Like this.

Other DIY audio resources: DIYaudio.com, TapeOp.com messageboard, DIYstompboxes.com forum, and there are many more. Google it. Darn it there's that G-word again.

Oh. and you can order a special version of ProTools that will run on certain M-Audio hardware, as well. I'm not sure what I think of this yet. Grrr..... Digidesign.

Also a great cable show that we don't get but you should hang out on their website anyway is G4's Attack of the Show. Cooooool stuff.

The coolest keyboard known to man.

Oh and you can now use Google Maps on TiVo which is pretty neat. I'm sorry I used the G-word again, so sue me. They are too darn cool.

And last but certainly not the least... The Funniest Thing on the Internet Right Now. School House Rock for Hard Drives - make sure you have the sound turned up for this one.

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