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November 10, 2008

Song-A-Nowandthen: Nervous Machine

I found this mp3 on my hard drive tonight. I fired it up and to my surprise found that I had a nearly fully-formed song there that I had completely forgotten about. It has a bridge and everything. I figured I needed to post this so that when i'm on my computer and trying to remember what i've got going on and deciding what to work on, that I'll be able to remember this song exists. I didn't write down the lyrics I don't think... I may have been making some of them up as I went along.

I remember now that I wrote this after I got home from Atlanta. I had spent a fun weekend there with kristin, but left without her so that she could stay for an interview. As I was driving home, I missed an exit somewhere, and ended up stretching the trip about an hour. It was getting late, and I was getting tired. My cars have been such pains in the butt, I don't really trust them fully to get me home all the time. So I kinda wrote this song while I was driving, and demo'd it as soon as I got home. Here it is:

Nervous Machine
(C) 2008 Matthew C Good

It really doesn't matter
I've been up all night driving
I missed my exit somewhere
on the East side of the state.

But I'm not really worried
about the things that usually get me
my dear hopes and fears,
through miles and through years

If this nervous machine keeps turning,
I'll make it home, I'll make it home.
If this gasoline keeps burning,
I'll make it home, I'll make it home.

I'm watching night bugs splatter
They're heading for my lights
But I'm not any better suited
for this kind of life.

Cuz I've got this illusion
that I'm just passing through,
but gassing up my car, I see
an ugly residue.

If this nervous machine keeps turning
I'll be okay, I'll be alright.
With every cylinder firing,
expelling gas out in the night
This lonely man keeps dwelling
on the subtleties of uncertainty.
He'll go to sleep shuddering
in his bed, or in his seat.

The only car on the freeway tonight
cuz everyone who can be is inside.
It's not like I can blame them tonight.
I'm tearing through their silence
for my own peace and quiet

It really doesn't matter
how fast I'm going
It's gonna take a while
to make it to my home.

Posted by pedalboy at November 10, 2008 10:45 PM | TrackBack