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May 31, 2004


[probably inspired by the immense difficulty required to have a real conversation over a fake medium. This means you, aim.]

[kinda fast, kinda fun]

we've been here all day,
so what do you want?
Our shadows
are getting a little
bit too long.
Can't give you want you want, and I
don't know what you need.
Please turn around.

I got a life
I'm living down.
I can't
make amends
to this town.
And I thought you were my ticket outta here
but it looks like I was wrong.
Are you coming down?

You been up in your tree so long
that I think the thin air's messing with you
head and now you believe
That hangin round this coal-mine town is
just the thing to bring you back your soul,
make you happy... So you...

I'll wait here all night,
for you to walk in.
I don't
need to know
where you've been.
Cuz when I see the light in your eyes
starting to grow dim
that's when I know.

Posted by pedalboy at 5:58 PM | Comments (2)

Bad Dreams

[with a whimsical feel]

Sometimes I dream I lost my friends.
I told them lies that left them all defenseless
just to get away from their ugly pretenses
and let them know that I am fine alone.

Sometimes I throw out my guitar
or leave it burning and the ashes are scattered
but the muse inside just turns on in in laughter.
Seems he never shuts up.

Bad dreams... Life seems... like I'm half asleep.

Find myself on an overpass.
Souls fly by and I am driven to laughter
at the mere thought of life and death and after
and what it means to them.

Sometimes I lay down my life
and sacrifices are to great not to offer.
Dischord screaaaams, but peace is always softer.
And that's the best we can do.

Bad dreams... Life seems... like I'm half asleep.

Give me time and it will work itself out.
That's what I tell myself to drive away the doubt that things will
Ever change now.

And everybody must have days like these
And nights as lonely as the inside of me, yeah but
I can't complain now.

I guess I found that the mistakes we make are the
Things that keep us wide awake yet
Bind us together.

I don't profess to have all the answers and
Lord knows I can't keep it all together the
Way you think I should be.

Bad dreams... Bad dreams...

[see extended for my comments]

I like this song in general. I'd like to see people's comments on form and flow especially. I've got a demo of this that I did to test out my protools thinger, so I'll post that soon also so you can have music as well. Please leave comments.

Posted by pedalboy at 5:50 PM | Comments (1)

I know.

I know
you don't
get out
that much
I guess
I can
see why.

I know
I'm not
most times.
Not right.

The one
I get
that's strong
to feel
is bad.

You think
I'm so
I know.
I think
I let
you down.

Posted by pedalboy at 5:37 PM

Hello and welcom.e .

Ah yes, the old weblog, once again.
Its good to be back. Did you miss me?

::shakes head yes::

Do you want a treat?

::wags tail::

Suddenly my blog has a tail. And a head. Soon it will also have content, and news, and stupid rants, and song ideas, and this, and that, and heaven forbid we forget the other. For now, if I were you, I'd go make some tuna salad and settle in for a game of jedi knight. Perhaps I will go down to my faster (studio) computer and play it down there. That computer is doing better with another 256 megs of ram in it. I may take the cheap (but fast) 80 gig drive I bought for it back and get another 512 mb instead. What a difference a gig makes, eh?? Oh, what a world we live in.

* If you'd like to be notified when I post a new entry, let me know and I'll add your email address.
* I would LOVE your comments on some of the song ideas. I'll post (or link to) crappy demo's I've done of them if there is interest in this sort of "songwriter's workshop" thing. To start off, check out some of the songs I've got posted already (lyrics only right now) and leave some feedback. Thanks!
* All content (including lyrics, music, and songs) posted on this blog is MINE, created by ME, so if you would like to steal it, please ask me first. I'll probably let you.

Oh Man so its a blog. I must have some sort of emotion here about my day. I feel crappy and off-it today, so I kinda wanna take a nap.

Posted by pedalboy at 5:30 PM | Comments (1)