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Journey to the North.
James BROWN!
I haven't been writing much, so...
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August 24, 2004

Journey to the North.

So we didn't make it to Canada, sadly, but Holland was probably just as surreal. It all started when Kristin and I were in Ann Arbor (Ypsilanti, actually) visiting some of her U of M friends for a weekend. We we looking on the map, and what's this big pink thing over there??? ...Turns out it was CANADA, yes THE GREAT WHITE NORTH. We all of the sudden had the urge to go to CANADA, especially me who has never left the country, even to go to CANADA. So we continued the visit with the plan in mind to go to canada on monday. We did fun stuff like hang out in Ann Arbor eating middle eastern food and listening to some crazy band while eating a lunch we packed in two canoe's we tied together on the Huron River. So come sunday night we decide to make sure we can actually get both IN and OUT of Canada, since it would be a disaster to be stranded there. Mind you, it is one thing to live in a spectacle for a day, its a whole other thing to become a part of it. Especially unwillingly. So come to find out that a drivers license will get us in to canada, and I have just gotten my new fancy "over 21" license made, so I was allll good. (A funny side note about my driverse licenses. I had had longish hair before my drivers license was made, but on a whim decided to cut it short right before i went to get it. I then let it grow out again. It got really realyl long and there was a period of about a year and a quarter where I didn't have a haircut... But then a week ago or so I got it cut reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally short again (maybe you can catch me on the webcam before i go back to school. I'll be recording morons for three days this week.) and I am guessssing that it won't stay short for very long. So all my driverse license pics don't have a representative hair style ever. Ok story over.) Back to the US Customs website where they were all like you need proof of ID AND proof of citizenship. Proof of ID is drivers license and proof of citizenship is passport or birth certificate. DOh! We came to the consensus that they probably would not ask us for them, but we didn't want to run the risk of getting stuck in the big State to the North. So we went to holland michigan instead because we were in the mood for something wierd and random and stupid. We saw windmills and dancers flinging their shoes at people and fed the goats and rode on some little spinny ride. The street organ was pretty cool though. So that was pretty much the trip, maybe I can get copies of the pictures and post them.

This is the extended entry. I don't know what that means. I'm going to find out after I post this. Nice day, y'all. don't get lost in holland michigan.

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August 4, 2004

James BROWN!

I just got the James Brown 50th aniversary collection 2-disc set at Cosco for $16. That's 50 songs, and if you divide it out, that's 32 cents a song. Beat THAT, iTMS!!! Anyway he's awesome and its great.

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August 2, 2004

I haven't been writing much, so...

...I'm re-recording some old stuff. Among those to be re-recorded are One Night and Anymore. Dan I will need you to play that awesome bass riff you wrote for Anymore, because that is the best part of the whole song. Anyway more to the point, I was just working on One Night and I'm really liking the way it is turning out. I can hear a little Wilco/The Gloria Record influence in it in addition to Radiohead. A little bit different direction than the demo, but hey that's what makes it interesting. A freaking long song though, its clocking in around 7:30 now. And you thought the demo was long!

I also love my dvd burner. I just need to get more media (I only have one DVD-RW disc). But I'm backing up all my stuff to it so in the not-so-rare event of a hard drive crash or moron (read:musician, read:matt) screwing things up, at least i'll have some semblance of a backup of it. And I'll be able to back up an entire cd's worth of data on 1 disc rather than 10!!!!! w00t.

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