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The Joy of things that Work!
Everybody poops... I mean writes!
I think i hate pcs.
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September 29, 2004

The Joy of things that Work!

I got my replacement external hard drive enclosure in the mail today. Already got my HD in there. And life is good. This on is just firewire, not firewire usb2 like the last one. But this one works, making it immeasurably better than the previous one. That's what technology has to teach you about life. Its great when its going good for you, but BLOWS when it isn't. In the words of somebody else, "you can't have the sweet without the bitter." Isn't that from vanilla sky or something? Whatever... I certainly get a lot of bitter and this is certainly very sweet.

I'm going to be using this sucker to record onto from protools in the studios here and in my dorm (just keep the sessions on the drive makes syncing up a thing of the past) and recording 2-3 live concerts, INCLUDING a Sleeping at Last concert (with other AMAZING BANDS as Cool Hand Luke and the campus band Berry), and the crazy like crazy band (they have horns) anathallo, and some acoustic hymnstuffs. If you don't know Sleeping at Last, Berry, Anathalo, or Cool Hand Luke, I'm sure that that I will *not* be able to *get* those to you *at all* o r *anything* *ever*. Yeah so I'm sure I'll be posting on the boardix when it is all Accomplished.

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September 27, 2004

Everybody poops... I mean writes!

So I've decided that I want to start keeping a journal in that 5th grade schoolgirl sort of way. Only not. I'll explain...

I've been really big on the whole preservation of personal history thing lately. Like I want to follow people's grandparents around with a tape recorder. Stupid stuff like that. So i decided that the songwriting thing isn't quite enough. I'm gonna buy another little notebook thing and try to chronicle events/days/feelings that I think are important. Not every day, but now and then. Could be interesting to look back on 20 years from now when I wonder what the heck i had been drinking when I wrote that one lyric or something.

Maybe its because I never really knew my grandparents at all. Maybe its because I've really been a packrat/information freak all my life. Maybe its a latent effect of feeling older. Maybe I've been listening to too much johnny cash lately. But I think i'm gonna start. I'll be posting the good ones (if any) around here so for good or bad i've made a mark on the internet too.

So to get to the true pop philosophy element of this post, I think that just about everybody can benefit from some sort of writing in their life. Journaling, short stories, poetry, songwriting, random thoughts (that never actaully are in fact random), whatever. I know that writing crap out (not necessarily reasoning crap out) really helps process stuff. I probably only think this thought because writing is now a huge part of my life, but I'm just throwing this out there, that I think everybody could gain from it.

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September 20, 2004

I think i hate pcs.

Ok so I reinstalled windows xp finally after greenville's network magically broke it, and it still was broken, so i did a REAL reinstall, and its broken, its just DIFFERENT broken. I keep getting a steady stream of delayed write errors and certain programs won't run, I restarted and scandisk like deleted a bunch of stuff it said was bad and all that junk... then BSOD'ed me. This sucker BLOWS and i HATE IT. I'm really sick of this stupid thing... You're a nonlinear device, you do what you are told, and yet.... you don't. WTF mates. I think i need a mac.

Will trade Athlon XP 2800+ system with 512mb pc2700 ram and 160gb hard drive and dvd burner for any mac system capable of running protools. I hate my life.

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