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A late thought.
A nap's dream.
3 years and counting...
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November 16, 2004

A late thought.

Another Pentatuech class revelation, stolen from my class notes as of 10-26-04.

In the OT days, there wasn't much to *know* about God. You just worshipped and followed him. Now we are so far removed from that pure simplicity. We spend our church services debating what exactly they meant, experienced. Another layer of abstraction. Seemse they did fine learning from other sources. I have been thinking lately that this is very underrated today. We want to make the Bible into "self-help." (I saw the Bible in the Self-Help section of Walden Books the other day. I kinda disturbed me.) "Many things were taught that were not written down." Perhaps these things can be found inside "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" or a Radiohead album, rather than extrapolating it from something that maybe wasn't intended to tell us that.

And scrawled at the top of that page in my notes I wrote this passing thought that my life may be made up of long periods of "boredom punctuated by strange noises." This is, of course, pretty inaccurate, but still amusing enough that you almost want it to be true.

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November 5, 2004

A nap's dream.

ok well the first part was that there was some random psycho serial killer on the loose in or around the apartment complex that I lived in. I wasn't scared, in fact, i was pretty determined that I could take him down for the police with this little pistol I had that shoots these way-cool darts with the hot pink suction cups on them....
So after doing some running around trying to find him, I shimy under a car and lie in wait. pretty soon a group of people pass me by, and I follow the first one with my gun - john brittingham.
he says hey and we go hang out, forgetting about the serial killer entirely, and it must be like a party or something cuz there's tons of people there and a generally racus atmostphere
So anyway before long he starts talking about how he gets really bugged by me calling him "brittinam" all the time. Like this apparently is now a major roardblock to a healthy relationship between us
but like he's mad about it.
then this random (blonde) girl walks in, and mentions, "yeah, matt, and you know what else????"
and starts talking about some other crazy I don't remember what all stuff....
the kind of girl everyone else thinks is hott maybe
no those girls just piss me off usually
the big sellouts
but i digress
it really makes me mad that I don't remember what she was pissed about. I think it was like a big general character flaw that my better friends would only know about. maybe it was the fact that I haven't really been myself or making any sense or ANYTHING for the past week or two.... That might have been int
but anyway she pissed me off and so when she left I threw a loaf of bread at the top corner of the doorway so it wedged in there and the door wouldn't shut so she couldn't slam it which i must admit was pretty cool and made this fictitious girl look really dume
that's right, i said dume
and um... then she stuck her head back in for something and it looked really funny for some reason
and then I complained how that was like the 3rd person in the last little bit who was really frustrated with/at/around me
and so that was really sucky and i was being overly dramatic abou it
but then I woke up and nobody was really pissed at, at least not for stupid reasons, and it was all good

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November 3, 2004

3 years and counting...

Pedalboy007: ok ok ok
Pedalboy007: wel
Pedalboy007: the 12th is kristin and I's three-year anniversary
Pedalboy007: and i was really hoping to get to see her
Pedalboy007: but i have two obligations that weekend that i'm going to be hard-pressed to make both of them anyway
Pedalboy007: and like they were both set in stone before the semester began
eclecticuniverse: :(
eclecticuniverse: i'm sorry matty
eclecticuniverse: that makes ME sad
Pedalboy007: so anyway i told her that i just found out that I won't be able to see her again and she starts crying... mentions that in our entire relationship we have NEVER seen each other on our anniversaries....
Pedalboy007: "i just thought maybe 3rd time is a charm" she said.
Pedalboy007: that's fricken depressing
Pedalboy007: and this whole thing with chase worries me. I always kinda identified with him but now i don't know whats up and a little worried that something like that actually maybe someday could possibly happen to us and i told her that and then I started crying and anyway my day is in a pretty nasty tailspin rifght now
eclecticuniverse: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh *sad face*

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