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Sirens In A Small Town

A new song to download - vision.
"This doesn't suck!"
And the word of the year is....
The first dream I've had in a long time.
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December 25, 2004

Sirens In A Small Town

New Song. About the sirens I hear in class at Greenville. On the upcoming Pedalboy CD tentatively titled "CONRAD."

Sirens in a small town
Only can mean one thing:
Some old man
Is meeting his end.

This winter's getting so long,
Ice to water, snow white to brown.
And age is a virtue
That will let you down.

Time can do you wrong.
You think you've got so long.
But each moment that passes
Doesn't look back.

Life is like a string quartet,
Listen while the beauty lasts.
When its over
is there an encore?

"Have a bit of this fruit," she says,
"Apples are good for you," she said.
My ugly insides are showing.
"That's the price of, the price of knowing."

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December 24, 2004

Ugh!!! I'm frustrated tonight. Here's partly why: as I was driving home tonight I looked at the bank's LED sign and it said 4 degrees F on it. That was rather depressing.

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December 22, 2004

A new song to download - vision.

I'm going to be doing a kinda live, kinda folksy acoustic project over the next month and a half or so with some of my school people, the venerable chase macri, the incomparable jonny weaver, and the recalcitrant jacob edwards. I don't know why he's recalcitrant. So i'm sitting at home thinking about it and I decide to demo a song just to see how it turns out to see if the song is ready or not. I say, "what the heck?" and bust out the old four-tracker and an sm57 mic and go to it. In like an hour I have a mixed finished version. Oh those were the days when you didn't need to spend an entire semester recording 4 songs! Woo!!!

So here's the song. it is tentatively titled "Vision" only because that's like the first important word in the song. So call it what you like. Call it Charlie, Call it Mae West, Call it Vienna, Call it a cab, i don't care. Here's the link to the page you can download it from:

For those of you who like reading the lyrics and instruments used and such, read on.


Vision Lyrics:

I've given you vision
But you use your eyes
The world is a small room
Its impossible to hide
In the corner
Where the shadows meet the light
Just like my life...
Is it wrong or is it right?

I've given you music
You hear what you want
I'm equally tempered
Perfectly wrong
The world is a small child
Singing along
Just like my life...
Is it right or is it wrong?

I've given you heartbreak
But you chose relief
And life is that cold place
from which you recede
I wish you'd believe in
what you could be
Just like my life
isn't what I wanted from me.

I gave you patience
You gave me a bruise
I gave you my love,
So now whose is whose?
You said you don't need me
I know that's untrue
Just like my life
Never ended for you.


So that's the song. I like it. I haven't been able to write songs with choruses lately. I haven't liked them much. So this song doesn't have a chorus. Anymore. It used to, but I decided it was no good. So there's a "B-section" for variety, but no chorus.

1) Rhythm acoustic guitar
2) Arpegiated acoustic guitar
3) Magnus Reed Organ - this awesome thing that is kinda like a harmonica crossed with an acordian crossed with a keyboard. Just set the mic right on top of the thing.
4) Vocal.

At the end of the 2nd verse, you can hear the tape drop out on the rhythm guitar part on the lyrics "is it wrong or is it right?" Ah analog... how quirky you are.

The top half of the register on the organ is out of tune, so i could only play certain notes.

And that's that!

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"This doesn't suck!"

The Graphing Calculator Story

"We played with it for a while and agreed, 'This doesn't suck' (high praise in Apple lingo)."

Oh man that's totally my life philosophy. if you can do something that truly doesn't suck, you have done a great work. Anyway I was just reading that and thought that was cool. Go apple.

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December 13, 2004

And the word of the year is....


Loosely translated to miscellaneous "stuff," or "junk," or "things."

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December 11, 2004

The first dream I've had in a long time.

From my journal, 12-10-04:
I had a really mizzarre dream last night, and since ANY dream is a rare occurrance these days, I'll write this one down.
So somehow Kristin and I are at this place and there are two humpback whales in this huge glass tank. One of them starts toward us with ferocous power, and leaps into the air, out and over the tank. At first it seems like he will fly over the ground and over a smaller tank and into the ocean beyond. But he doesn't have enough power. He doesn't even have the power to make it to the smaller tank, and we watch in sickening shock as he hits the sandy ground hard and flails about in pain, then lays still. Some trainers and veterinarians I guess rush to the scene with Kristin and I, and check him out. He seems to still be alive. Then, Kristin picks up a stethescope but puts it back, but of or the trainers gives it to her anyway and we listen to hear the whale breathing.
With the immediate crisis seemingly averted, we learn somehow second-handedly that the 2nd whale in the tank had also sailed out of th tank and had not been so lucky. This whale must have died while we were rushing to the first whale's aid.
Okay, so that's the dream. Good luck figuring it out.

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