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What I Did Last Weekend, Part 2.
What I did this weekend, Part One
"Art" - Ch. 3
Testimony Again
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June 22, 2005

What I Did Last Weekend, Part 2.

this is old news by now. but i promised. so here goes. this is from the weekend of June 10th through June 13th, written the night of the 13th.

Just got back from Greenville recording Solafide. Its 10:13. I'm exhausted. Solafide stuf sounds really good though in general, so that is good. makes all the work worthwhile

Transcendent moment of the day: Driving back home, huge storm. Lightening. Rain. Wind. Rain. The outside was completely grey. One of the worst storms I've ever driven through. Thought at one point I might see a funnel cloud any minute. The storm begins to clear up. I see orange sky through a slight tear in the clouds.

Suddenly, the sun makes its landing on the horizon and sets teh world on fire. All around what used to be pure grey is pure bright polished bronze. "The Gloaming" finishes playing and now "There There" begins. It is still raining, and I am having trouble seeing, but not because of the grey downpour, but because of the pure horizontal column of orange light that turns the blacktop, the grass, the street signs, the other cars, the houses, and the sky to radiant light. I'm awestruck, then lightening flashes across the sky like vericose veins. I round the corner and the sky in front is blue, and orange behind. Thom Yorke is telling me there is always a siren singing me to shipwreck. I am presented with the most vivid, full rainbow I've ever seen in my life. In a blue sky. Surrounded by golden landscape. The rainbow is so vivid, in fact, that a second, concentric rainbow is necessary to frame the first. More lightening. "We are accidents waiting to happen." And it is STILL raining.

And that's pretty much my story...

Ok OKAY so NOW HERE THIS!!! I have a digital camera. It is small. it is 7 megapixels. It has a 2.5inch lcd. it is sexy. it has good manual features. I have a gigabyte SD card for it. I love it. I will be posting my life to the server in my basement on a more regular basis now that I have a camera. to see what I did tonight (including a video of me screwing up a guitar part in the studio), cruise on over to the Random Life Gallery at The Gallery Nouveaux. It is the hip new thing to do.

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June 13, 2005

What I did this weekend, Part One

listen to the "everybody dance remix."

You won't be sorry.

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June 3, 2005

"Art" - Ch. 3

Oh DEAR LORD. Tolstoy you are killing me. With your unassailable mountain of knowlege. Chapter three is the aesthetic equivalent to stephen hawking's "A Breif History of Time." You understand 5% of it and it blows your mind. Well, I'm not sure my mind was blown, come to think of it, but it definitely experienced a buffer overflow. Gonna hafta re-read this chapter after i finish the book. Basically Tolstoy just delineates every important theory of aesthetics up until the 20th century. Its too much to grasp. Too much subtle difference between the four philosophies that sound the same. Too much trying to reconcile what you think with all of this. Its like trying to put together a 500 piece puzzle by throwing the pieces at each other in mid-air. not likely.

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June 1, 2005

Testimony Again

I finally got to the library today. Here's the list:

2 books on DHTML... they kinda suck, whatever.
Shostakovich's Testimony
Rimsky-Korsakov's Principles of Orchestration - if I want to be phil spector, this is required reading.
Jorge Luis Borges' Ficciones including the Garden of Forking Paths.
Elgar's Enigma Variations which is almost certainly the most beautiful music ever to come out of Britain.
Beethoven's Triple Concerto
Wagner's Tristan and Isolde (with libretto)
Penderecki: Violin Sonatas 1 and 2. Some random 20th C composer, but he's Jonny Greenwood's all time fav so... i must know.
Charlie Parker: the birth of bebop
Miles and Monk at Newport.

Oh and the Naxos classical label kicks.... donkeybrains.

Well here's an excerpt from Testimony (p. 121 in my Harper and Row 1979 edition) to mull over before you fall asleep:

"How did people behave then? As soon as the next poor soul was declared an enemy of the people, everyone destroyed in a panic everything connected with that person. If the enemy of the people wrote books, they threw away his books, if they had letters from him, they burned the letters. The mind can't grasp the number of letters and papers burned in that period, no war could ever clean out domestic archives like that. And naturally, photographs flew into the flames first, because if someone informed on you, reported that you had a picture of an enemy of the people, it meant certain death."

Why can't I find my copy of 1984???

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