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Here in Nashville
Mexico - Day 2
Greetings from Playa Del Carmen
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August 23, 2006



Ralph, you were right. I got a job. And its a good one. And pays pretty well.

I'm now (or will be within a week) a web developer for Goldleaf Financial Solutions. This is a very, very good thing.

The last month has been very very interesting to say the least. A month ago, I was planning a wedding with no honeymoon after it, no place nailed down to live in when we get to nashville, and no job to be able to afford the place. Then the apartment opened up. The next day or so, we booked the honeymoon. Then the wedding happened, had a great honeymoon, got a LOT of really awesome and necessary gifts (thanks everyone!!), packed (ugh), moved (ouch) and unpacked (ugh again)... Kristin started orientation two days ago. Yesterday I had an interview for a job. Today, I GOT the job. There is not a lot left that needs to be worked out.

The last few months have been enormously stressful on me. And Kristin. And its been like one of those trust falls, where you stand on a ledge and fall backward and all your friends below have to catch you. It's damn scary. And in real life, you're not sure who's there to catch you. But this all seems to have finally worked itself out nicely. I can finally breathe again.

Well, I guess that means Kristin and I are gonna go out for a nice dinner, buy a sofa, get cell phones and get our apartment internet'd. This is pretty cool.

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August 20, 2006

Here in Nashville

Kristin and I have moved to Nashville - here we are. We leased an apartment sight-unseen, and I am (still) currently unemployed. And we have to buy a LOT of things. We got lots of nice big things as wedding presents, but we're missing a lot of little things. For example, we don't have a scissors anywhere in the apartment. We don't have a flashlight, a hammer, bath towels, shower curtain rings, tupperware ("more necessary than you would think" - Kristin), enough kitchen shelves, a bed... etc. On the upside, we do have some really incredibly cool and necessary items such as a really nice set of knives (thanks mom and dad), an espresso machine (again, thanks mom and dad), a reallly nice coffee maker (along with some really nice coffee - thanks greenville girls), some very worthwhile 1950's sci-fi movie posters (featuring none other than the poster to "Attack of the 50 ft Woman" - thanks Kate. You're right. We probably ARE the only two people who can fully appreciate that gift), really nice cookware, and a wok. Anyway, the place is pretty small. My studio is once again in a closet - I need a table before I can set it up though. Any box we have to store is fewer cubic feet I have in my studio. We have to buy some kind of other shelf thing for our kitchen because there is really barely any shelving space. But its in a really nice location. Its a block from a large grocery store and a pretty well-stocked hardware store. Its about one mile to Kristin's building at school, and about 50 ft from a bus stop that goes straight to her building's door. In between the school and our little place is a little used bookstore - probably Nashville's best, a really really cool unpretentious high-end guitar store with actually pretty good prices and a good selection of vintage instruments as well - not that I can afford it anyway, but still... A panera (where I am sitting right now enjoying free internet, free pizza, and free iced tea - good deal), a trendy cute little taco place (think mini qdoba with a chicago hotdog stand attitude rather than t-bell), and.. well I guess that's about it. A little ways down the road the other direction is a small but nice mall with a dillards and a macy's. there is a target nearby, where we recently dropped $250 on little tchotsch. Anyway, that about wraps it up for now. I'm on my PDA and I don't have pictures yet so you'll have to wait until later for that. OH and i'm about 100% sure my webhost ( disappeared. Like they vanished. And with them, my website. So I'm currently in the market for good cheap hosting with PHP, MySQL support. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them to MatthewCGood - at - Oh yeah -I almost forgot. My mailing address is: Matthew Good 2014 Linden Ave #9 Nashville, TN 37212 I'm pretty sure that's right anyway. I'll post a correction if its wrong. Love you all.
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August 17, 2006

Mexico - Day 2

Hola, everyone. Look at what I am currently seeing. Well.... WOW. Let me tell you what things have been like the last few days, then I'll explain myself. slksdfalkjsdjfklakljsdfa!!!!!!!! That's what its felt like. So many things are so very different from the way they were just 96 hours ago. For starters, 96 hours ago I was a single man. I was my own financial entity. If I were in a coma, the doctors would ask my parents if they wanted to pull the plug. Now I am married to Kristin Hawley, erm, Kristin GOOD. If she's hurt, I'm in charge. We are a financial unit. It was just 72 hours ago that I was dancing and still taking care of various wedding-related details. 48 hours ago, I was shopping for some very last-minute items for my next adventure. Less than 90 minutes of sleep later, the next day begins in a nondescript hotel in Oak Brook, Illinois, US and ends in a resort 2 hours south of Cancun in Mexico. Today, here I am, on a beach on the Caribbean, after a GREAT day, looking out at the (currently) dark green ocean, sitting next to my new wife, writing to you. This is what I bought a PDA for. We're staying at a cute little resort called "Maya Tankah by Freedom Paradise." It's not a particularly exquisite affair, that's why I said cute. But its way more our speed than the ultra-touristy more upscale places. This place is by NO MEANS a shack - don't misunderstand me. The rooms are cute, the AC works well, we have a gorgeous ocean view (see below), and all the food and alcohol you can shove into your body. I am currently coming off a wonderful buzz induced from almost 32 ounces of a potent Blue Lagoon. The pop music here is SO much better than US pop. I mean the beach bar here plays music all day long - and it must be just Mexi-pop, but its all pretty good. Nothing particularly terrible. I heard at least three songs today that I though were actually pretty good. More than I can say for US radio, anyway. Maybe its better when you can't understand all the innane things they are saying. Its getting dark. I kinda hafta use the bathroom. And dinner's up. I'll be blogging more when I get the chance. Peace!! 7:41 8-9-06
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August 11, 2006

Greetings from Playa Del Carmen

Greetings from Playa Del Carmen!!! Kristin and I are on our honeymoon, and today we ventured out into another city along the Mayan Riviera. Yesterday, we saw the Mayan Ruins at Tulum which are right on the beach (and quite gorgeous). Today is a little further away. Playa is about half way between Tulum and Cancun - geographically, and maybe culturally too. Its a bit touristy here... Lots of kitsch. I bought a belt buckle. (Haggling tip - walk away. it gets their attention.) "No vacation is complete without a little tourist kitsch" says Kristin. I agree.

I donīt have a lot of time because the internet shop is closing in 10 minutes. Iīm trying to upload a photo for you but there is no ftp software ont his machine. Ummm try looking at my gallery - MAYBE I squeezed it in in time. I gotta go, Adios!

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