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This Is You.
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Design Geek in the Making
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February 26, 2007

This Is You.

Why does everyone think you dont need punctuation when you are typing on the internet Its not as if the computer knows where to pause for you or anything I mean do you have any idea how hard this is to read

and then there's that bit about proper capitalization its all gone by the wayside as if using capital letters is too 1990 or something all the emo kids would cry at you if you didnt write the super cool band name in an all lowercase sans serif font

speling further obfscates the isue when peepl dont know any diference btwen there their theyre thr and thier theyre really a big losers

grammer dont even got me strtd it like wen u get thos emales 4 male enhancement or watever nd it maks the u angree i cant evn do it ts ooooo hard it ofendz my sens of n e ting realy

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Song-A-Week #9: Drive

This week's entry is called "Drive." I did it real quick but I like it a lot. I was really having a hard time with this Flash thing I'm trying to do for my site, and I was so off that I almost forgot to do a song today!!! arr!!!! So I had to come up with something REALLLLL quick.

Copyright 2007 Matthew Good
But tell your friends

There's a chance
his could end
better than
it began.

Hold my hand
in your own.
In a while
we'll be home.

We'll ride
a whirring machine.
we'll fly,
we'll drive.

And the sky
becomes day
Like a Turner

on your face
riding in


Yeah? No? Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast. And tell me what you think.

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February 22, 2007


Use calculus to find the true identity of Batman.

That. Is. Awesome.

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February 19, 2007

Song-A-Week #8: Not Yourself

Okay so I got everything done on this song except for the bass - but then the little battery-powered fender practice amp I got (Silverface Dave, for those in the know) fell of his little perch and hit the reset button on my computer. I was kinda miffed, but, being a consummate saver, I knew that I wouldn't lose much work. Well..... Something wasn't working right and the "saved" version of my file had NO AUDIO in it. it wasn't even set to the right tempo... it was from a previous idea. POOPS!!!!!!

So i had to reimport all my audio files, re-synch them up, re-crossfade them, and rerecord one verse of vocals. Poot. took forever. At least the song made it here.

A bit of a story with this one: This is not an ENTIRELY new song. I used an idea with a couple lines I had written a while ago. I had to reallllly write a lot more though, so its a new song. Nobody else has heard it anyway. I put the original demo I did of it on the podcast version too... there's a link to just the song here if you like as well.

Not Yourself - Podcast with some talking & an early demo - Song Only.
(C) 2007 Matt Good.

You're not yourself
You couldn't let anyone else sort you out
You hung out a white flag and acted surprised
when I dropped by

You've got a cage
you keep half yourself in while half of you plays
you lost track of time and acted surprised
when half of you died.

Hand me a pen
I want to color inside your lines
i don't mean to offend
I think if I drew you that you'd be surprised

I'm letting you know
In a manner of speaking.

You want a fight
What would you do if I said it's alright?
It might disarm you when you realize
that I'm on your side.

And you want to drive
You said you want more than just tryin to survive
You think that detraction's a clever disguise
for bein half alive

Hand me a pen
I want to color inside your lines
i don't mean to offend
I think if I drew you that you'd be surprised

I'm calling you back home
In a manner of speaking

But don't shut me down
You aren't the only one here comin around.
Don't force out one of the few who knows
what you need most.

Hand me a pen
I want to color inside your lines
i don't mean to offend
I think if I drew you that you'd be surprised

I'll never get tired
I always get lost in the blacks of your eyes
I've always admired
the way you can keep me just outside your life.

You're fate is my own
In a manner of speaking
I'm calling you my own
In a manner of speaking

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February 15, 2007

Two More Images

here's a couple more funnies, gleaned from the login section of the app I'm working on at work...

Sign at gas station reads: My Boss Told me to change the stupid sign so I did

Oh I really like that one. Here's another.

A girl that looks like Heather Henard, Duct-taped to a wall.

Man, I REALLY think that girl looks like Heather Henard. And she has that look on her face too... And that's something that I could imagine being done to her. Wiiiierd. Maybe it IS her. LIke a picture from camp or something. I once duct taped a kid to the rafters at blue lack fine arts camp. it was funny.

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February 12, 2007

Song-A-Week 7: I Always Wanted

Number SEVEN: w00t!!
This one's a cute one. Things I would probably do if I had more time: Add lots of neat live strings, really and mozart-crossed-with-strauss-the-waltz-king. Also, fade out, or kinda mute stuff until the everything's out. The ending's long and abrupt right now, so if anyone has any great ideas on how to fix that, It'd be sweet.

I Always Wanted
(C) 2007 Matthew C Good

I always wanted a girl named heather to love me
But I never found a girl quite as lovely
as you.

I always thought that name sounded so pretty
But I never found a girl half as lovely
as you.

I really don't think we can do any better than we do
And I never wanted to marry no girl named heather.

I always wondered if blondes had it better
Until I found you, then I didn't need to wonder
no more

I really don't think we can do any better than we do
And I never wanted to marry no girl named heather.

I couldn't guess what my love would look like, now I know, I know, I know, I know.
I never wanted to marry nobody but you.

I always wanted a girl named heather to love me
But I never found a girl half as lovely
I always thought that name sounded so pretty
But I never found a girl quite as lovely


There it is! I hope you like it. Tell me what you think!

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February 7, 2007

Proof the Matt is Losing It: Grebops 1

I just noticed that eight out of the ten most recent posts on are mine. I should probably get out more. Perhaps that very fact directly contributed to the creation of this... the very first in the series of Grebops arts.

The Greebops series, #1
Greebops #1: The Warr Begins

Warring tribes of zebra-like Grebops in battle! This collage features the domesticated Lesser Horned Grebops. In the background, you can see J. Patrick Mortson himself in a rare photographic appearance, pimping a sporting-good mustache.

Yeah.... I am going insane....

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February 6, 2007

Design Geek in the Making

I'll admit it, I'm starting to become a bit of one.

I've definitely had conversations where I will refuse to say "red" when a simple "FF0000" will suffice.

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February 5, 2007

Song-A-Week 6: More Everyday

Welcome to number SIX, baybee. This one's kinda neat. Vocals were hard for me this time and I need to stop ignoring my wife, so sorry if they make you ears bleed. You have been warned. There's a sorta cool quasi-mystery instrument in here. Shouldn't be too hard to hear, but if you're not really paying attention you might miss it.

More Everyday
(C) 2007 Matthew Good

You won't believe
what I can see
from my closet
in Tennessee

The naked eye
like a knife
can divide
wrong from right

My friends confide
their desires
Secrets and lies
burning fires

Their eyes betray
what words don't say
divulging more

People think
they aren't giving away anything -
People say
more everyday.

People think,
never do anything.
People say
more everyday.

Nervous smiles

I can read
what you won't concede
You can tell me

People think
they aren't giving away anything -
People say
more everyday.

People think,
never do anything.
People say
more everyday.

And I can't help
I'm too far away
i can't help
I'm too far away

You won't believe
What I can see
So stop the world
Getting dizzy

You won't believe
the things I've seen,
broken hearts
and darker things.


There you have it! I was trying a new thing, trying to get a song going before I bring in the main chordal instrument (guitar or piano, usually). It's not something I normally do. I also tried to "play" the noise a lot more on this song. Hard with only three pedals though. Any real version of this song would be awash in matt good violins, I think. Reverb out the wazzoo, but not before it's thrown though a quarter-note delay and fed back for a while.

Don't forget to subscribe to the Song-A-Week Podcast and let me know your thoughts!!

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February 1, 2007

Song-A-Week Podcast!

Greetings! This is not a song - it is new about the Song-A-Week project. Songaweek has its own rss feed now, useful for things like podcasting and subscribing via firefox or google reader! To subscribe in iTunes (and have my song of the week automatically downloaded to your iPod), open up iTunes and click "Podcasts" on the left sidebar. Click "Advanced->Subscribe to Podcast..." and past in the following URL:

that's all there is to it! Every time there is a new song, it will be downloaded to your iTunes (if it is running) and to your iPod (if you, uh, have one, and they are set to synch). There are lots of other things you can do with this, but that's the major one for now. Check it out!

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Bush Lauds Terror Bust in Boston

"Axis of Evil" lead by Turner Networks.
By Matthew Good, Staff Writer - Feb. 1, 2007

BOSTON, MA - After nearly being brought to it's knees, the city of Boston is safe today from terrorist alien plots headed by mega-media conglomerates, President Bush declared in a white house press conference earlier today. "Thanks to the tireless work of many a Bosto.... Bostanite... Bostin... Bostonians, we have prevailed once again in the face of unspeakable evil."

The terrorist plot foiled in Boston involved the advertising of a popular cable television cartoon show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, owned by Turner Networks, now believed to have ties to Al-Qaeda. Two member of the terrorist ring were arrested today after a vigilant police secretary found videos of the pair setting up their IADs (Improvised Advertising Devices) on YouTube. Google, who owns YouTube, is not believed to have terrorist connections. (The RIAA, however, is proceeding with litigation to sue for improper use of the video's background music, The Clash's "I fought the law.")

While Bush congratulated the city of Boston for its effective disaster preparedness procedures in his statement, Bush also criticized other cities for their lack of sensitivity to terrorist acts. According to sources, similar terrorist activities were already underfoot in several major US cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Austin, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and most notably, New York - a city that has had a history of terrorist plotting. "Quite frankly, I'm appalled that a great city like New York, one which has seen first hand the dangers of terrorist activity, would be blind to the obvious threat these jagged-looking 2-dimensional alien advertisements were posing," said Bush.

Bomb squads immediately went to work defusing the advertisements, making Boston once again safe for the paranoid losers who live there.

Police crews rush to defuse the terrorist propaganda
[Image Caption: Police crews rush to defuse the terrorist propaganda.]

Authorities say that this was not an isolated incident. A statement issued by an ATF spokesperson noted that this was an act of organized crime, perpetrated by a terrorist cell that has been active in the United States for a number of years. Bush also used harsh rhetoric to describe the head of the organization, saying "Turner Networks is part of an Axis of Evil. Our intelligence indicates that they have acquired control of our media, and may have weapons of mass destruction hidden deep within their offices. 'Aqua Teen' isn't very good anyway. Except for Meatwad - I like the way he thinks."

At the behest of the Department of Homeland Security, the FCC has decided in an emergency session to stop the broadcast of Cartoon Network programming overseas. It is expected that this will stem tide of American popular culture exports to terrorist organizations, rendering them incapacitated, and tragically unhip. Without knowing what sort of cartoon characters are giving the finger to today's American audiences, the terrorists will be completely unable to advertise their propaganda in our streets, and will be forced to go back to their old methods of trying to blow our streets up.

Bush's stated future plans include hanging a giant "Mission Accomplished" banner between several large buildings in metropolitan Boston, as well as bringing an aircraft carrier into the commercial district so he can land on it and declare victory. As a closing remark to his press conference, Bush confessed, "I didn't even know we broadcast Cartoon Network in Iraqistan."

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