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Song-A-Week #20: Losing Battle
Song-A-Week Postponed
Dresden Codak
Song-A-Week #19: Hold On
Song-A-Week Returns! This Week: Chris
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June 28, 2007

Song-A-Week #20: Losing Battle

Sorry for the delay. I'm a loser.

Losing Battle
(C) 2007 Matthew C Good

Lovers move in with their guard up
Lovers move out with their things
Saline journals to bottle up
To keep a little naivety

Better come out with your hands up
You will walk out as I walk in
You're still there, standing by the stairs
There's no way I can rein you in.

it's a loosing battle
it's a loosing war

We're like characters in a fiction
Viewing a Cubist work of art
We'll quote the lines of famous movies
And watch ourselves torn apart

it's a loosing battle
it's a loosing war
it's a loosing battle
it's a loosing war

I don't think that word means what you think, baby, dear
I don't think that you know what you're saying in my ear
I'll call the army, they will be right here
Don't tell them, baby. Don't tell them, baby.

it's a loosing battle
it's a loosing war
it's fish in a barrel
we're children in a storm


Eh, you know. It's a song. Whaddaya do?

The reason for the delay is that i am excited about Seth's drumming on my stuff, so every time i come in the studio to work on a new song I end up loading up one of those sessions and mixing it instead.

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June 18, 2007

Song-A-Week Postponed

There may not be a song a week this week. also, you know how usually you get these songs on Monday? Well... for the summer, start looking for them on Wednesday. That's right, I'm moving the day.

Here's why: this Tuesday and Thursday i'm moving all my recording gear over to my friend Seth Rouch's place and having him drum on a bunch of my songs, hopefully getting tracks for songs like hold on, drive, not yourself, nostalgia, worlds unknown, and the way off the ground. (if you have a favorite that was not mentioned in that list, comment and I'll try to get it included.) because i'll be holed up at his place all day, i probably won't get any time to work on a new one. maybe I can hammer something out real quick tomorrow, we'll see.

The reason i'm moving the song day to wednesday is because kristin has school until late on tuesday so I can be working on it while she's gone and not be ignoring her. That will work out better. Cheers all!

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June 14, 2007

Dresden Codak

So I just discovered Dresden Codak. They are IN-CREDIBLE.

for example, this one.

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June 10, 2007

Song-A-Week #19: Hold On

This one's called "Hold On." Not sure how I feel about that. I kinda like the lyrical concept.. but this is now the 2nd song-a-week that uses the phrase "hold on" sort of as a chorus - see also "Worlds Unknown." But anyway, its different.

I've been thinking about something lately, and this song is LOOSELY related to it... America has not been a country for a long time, and we're a nation of immigrants. If you aren't Native American, if you trace your heritage back far enough, one of your ancestors came over on a boat. We don't have a lot of aspects of national culture that other nations do. There aren't really many physical characteristics that I would say are "American" yet, aside from, erm, obesity. We talk about our country different than other nations do. French people say "I am French." We say "I am an American." And we've got a long history of travel. From the Mayflower, to Lewis and Clark, to Conestoga wagons, to the space race, to unexplored Alaska, we've got a long, deeply ingrained fascination with moving somewhere else. There's Jack Keroac's "On The Road," and there's Brittany Spears' "Crossroads." We've got a fascination with the road. I've been thinking that its really one of the few strong definable national traits we've got. And I don't think its just because our country is large. I think its about as close to being literally "in our blood" as it can get.

If all of that is true, we've all got a little wanderer in us. And the downside to that is the desolation that comes with the road. And that's more or less what this song is about. That idea hasn't been appeased though, so expect a song or twenty revolving around that in future.


Hold On
(C) 2007 Matthew C Good

You might feel at home in North Carolina
You might feel right in the middle of the sea
You might not get along in all of your travels
People feel alone in the best company.

If you found a place
where you belong
you'd better hold on, better hold on

Cuz you might lose control in Las Vegas
It's happened to more reasonable men than you
you might lose yourself in Mesa Verde
You'll never feel the same if you do

If you found a place
where you belong
you'd better hold on, better hold on

Cuz you're not getting any younger
You're not getting any stronger
Hold on
Hold on.


FYI, I want to add some more lyrics I think in that sorta D section at the end. And more ambiance and more accent pieces and a westerny guitar solo in parts

Technical notes... Ummmm I didn't do a lot interesting on this song. There are two acoustic, one normal and one capoed at 7, which is pretty high.

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June 3, 2007

Song-A-Week Returns! This Week: Chris

Hey everyone! I'm back from Paris and everything is groovey. I haven't had time to post any photos yet or anything, we had visitors last weekend and all of that stuff. It's coming. More than you want to know, probably.


I think this is song #16, but I could be wrong, since I just tried to save the lyrics and I already have 17 songs in there? This is all getting out of hand. I can't really keep track. It's called "Chris" after a guy I knew in high school. I've ha this song knocking around for a long time. Chase should be glad to finally hear a demo'd version, since he's been asking for it for a while now. This is from back in the Dubach House days, and he almost did a demo of it one time, actually. Here it is.

Copyright 2007 Matthew C Good

Copyright 2006 Matthew C Good

Chris was a friend whose life met an end.
Well I guess I won't try to push past it
by saying that his soul wasn't meant for this world,
that ones like his don't last.

When I met him, he was playing violin,
well you know he was never too good at it.
When I met him, I was playing at making friends,
well you know I was never too good at it.

Lord, I was selfish then
but I guess I carried on.

His family found out, lit candles in their house,
Smoke signals upwards to Heaven.
But Fate discriminates to no one I know
and fire counts wood and wax even.

It burned to the ground
But everyone got out.
Even the flag that Chris had
Draped over his coffin.


Let me know what you think. I did a lot of kinda neat engineering on this demo - EVERYTHING except for the acoustic guitar is running through a distortion pedal or guitar amp at some point. I think the tone on the guitar is pretty good too. And a not bad faked mellotron.

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