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A Happy Story
New Camera, New Wallpaper
#36 - Family
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March 26, 2008

A Happy Story

Here's a super-short story I just came up with when Kate asked me for "a happy story."

It's called Tommy Teacup Learns a Lesson

The other day, Tommy Teacup was feeling down. "I'm chipped-off," he snorted. "I'll never be popular like Sammy Saucer."

At precisely that moment, a bull rushed in to the china shop and brutally shattered Sammy Saucer, not out of spite, but out of irrationality.

Tommy couldn't have been happier.

He threw a party that night, and met up with a few cute teaspoons, and they more or less stirred things up.

Tommy learned the important lesson that good and unpredictable things can happen to ordinary pieces of china. The end.

I hope that made you happy.

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March 19, 2008

New Camera, New Wallpaper

I'm checking out a Nikon d200 that a coworker lent me. I might buy it. But in the mean time, it means I get to make new background images for my work computer.

robot rock
(Links to full size image - 1600x1050)

That's one of the robots Kristin got me for Christmas - and he just wants to rock. That's Silverface Dave. He's just a little amp. And he also wants to rock.

Incidentally, that very Silverface Dave is being used ALL OVER my new songs. YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST, FOLKS!

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March 5, 2008

#36 - Family

This song is tentatively called "Family." Every now and then I'll call my parents and we'll talk about random stuff, our respective fish tanks, car troubles, the weather. I pretty much always get reminded how much I love them and appreciate their care for me - but you know, how do you work that in to a conversation about fish tanks? And where do you go after that? It just doesn't work all that well.

While this song is called "Family," I really feel the same way about my very best friends. Eeks now that all the sappy crap is out of the way.... As always, I apologize for the unsure vocal bits and the shoddy guitar - its just a live demo and i suck.


Copyright 2008 Matthew C Good

I think I understand
why paper is so important.
It allows us to write
the things we cannot say.

To take a single thought
and juxtapose it with another,
to pull it out and see
what it is we mean.

So I wrote
What I could not say
What I really feel
about my family

I call them up
Every now and then.
We talk about events.
It makes me mess them.

I pay good money
to call anyone, anywhere
any time
that I feel like talking.

But like a silent movie,
you only get half the story,
and somewhere in the world, there are voices
looking for their homes.

So I'll sing
What I'd love to say.
If I had my way,
I would tell you.

Some of you
I owe more than love
but more I cannot give,
so let that be enough.

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