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Redesign, Life Update
The Lovely Ladies of the Russian Army
The Ryman / Quick Update
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May 29, 2008

Redesign, Life Update

I just did a quick and dirty redesign of the blog to make it match the home page. Its alright, I guess. Allison, I changed the color of the text a little and cleaned up some details here and there, so hopefully this is easier to read. If anyone notices anything that's not working / really ugly, leave a comment and I'll fix it.

In other life news, Chase and Caitlin get married Saturday. Kristin and I are heading over to the 'ville tonight. I've already burned a cd full of This American Life, Radiolab, and Sound Opinions episodes for the trip. The past few weeks have been non-stop. Kristin graduated, parents were in town. Immediately following that, Sarah Detzner, our mutual well-traveled and storied friend came to visit. Kristin went to DC to go visit some other friends with her, and just got back yesterday. Today, we leave for Greenville. I'm kinda ready to settle back in for a week or so of being normal again. Not too far in the future, there's a wedding in Hawaii we're headed to. Goodness me.

Well, there's that. Oh, I also bought a book about collecting Russian wristwatches.

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May 24, 2008

The Lovely Ladies of the Russian Army

The Russian Army... Beauty Contest?

The Russian Army apparently held a beauty contest for the women soldiers. There are so many confused thoughts running through my mind right now, I can't pick which one to make a joke about...

More pictures, yet oddly, no more explanation at, including shots of girls in makeup and camo with large automatic weaponry, if you're into that sort of thing.

May 16, 2008

The Ryman / Quick Update

I finally got the camera situation wrapped up. For a number of rather boring reasons, it took a little while longer than expected (and a return or two) to get everything firmed up, but Kristin and I are now the proud owners of a really sweet Nikon d200 with a 18-200mm VR Nikon lens. This naturally makes us very happy.

So when Kristin's parents and my parents were in town and we all decided to check out the world-famous (Yes, "world"-famous. Never underestimate the popularity of American country music in Eastern-European nations, for instance) Ryman Auditorium, it was a natural decision to tote the little (read: not-that-little) guy around and put him through the motions. Some nice pics can be found on the Ryman gallery on my site, but I'll post a few highlights here. Note: I shot as a simultaneous raw + low qual jpeg, so I only uploaded the low qual jpeg. Don't get all freaked out about why the nikon's res sucks.

First Stop: The Ryman.

A cool building, was once abandoned and deemed not worthy of restoration. Took a lot of money to fix it up right.

The interior of the building is super cool. Good acoustics. LOTS of original wood. Note the radiused pews - that had to be hard to do (or at least costly) in the pre-computer days.

Me in the obligatory "Look at me play the Ryman!" shot. That guitar was out of tune.

Check out all the wicked-awesome printed show posters. This is the interior of Hatch Show Print - a print shop and living museum (still in operation) run by the Country Music Hall of Fame. My dad and I both put in some time working for printing companies in our day, so this was a really interesting stop for both of us. A LOT of that printing gear looked awfully familiar to my dad... Kristin and I are going to snap up a LOT of this stuff to decorate our apartment.

This Stuff is Old!

Check out the gallery for more pics. I just wanted to put up a short update since I haven't blogged in a while.

Recording notes:
* Added strings to one of chase's wedding songs - 12 tracks. Suck at violin less than I had feared.
* Started a re-do of the song "Please," so it may make the album.
* Inspired to start doing recording for bands around here again - need to redesign we presence, and actually style this blog a bit first though.
* Working on turning some random (not very good) prose into a song about fear and uncertainty. I've been listening to too much NPR lately.

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