April 6, 2004

Coffee Break (Rhet 202)

Leaning against the red brick wall
of the school where I learned
to read and write and play the drums
I look through that morning’s Tribune,
reading a recap of yesterday afternoon’s Cubs game.
They beat the Mets
on an Alou homer in the 8th.
I eat my Egg McMuffin,
and listen to Bill and Rich,
the school custodians,
smoke cigarettes and talk about their weekends
at their campers with their families.
Glancing at my watch, I see
that we have at least fifteen more
minutes before we go back to cleaning
the carpet in the classroom where I read
James and the Giant Peach
and learned my multiplication tables.
I think about the summers I spent away from here
fighting dragons in the backyard and playing
basketball in the neighbor’s driveway.
Back then, I never thought about the college kids
that spent their summers here
cleaning up our messes and wishing
they could still spend their days
running around outside until the sun goes down.

Posted by dpetrella at April 6, 2004 2:40 PM
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