April 17, 2004

Searching for the House on Oak Street

Kevin wanted to find her house
but none of us knew what we would do
when we got there
or even where it was, for that matter.
It was a bright blue, cold afternoon in November –
maybe it was October –
the kind that only come in the late fall.
I found Shauna’s address
on a list of all that kids in band
that my mom had because she was Music Booster President.
35 Oak Street.
Nick, Kevin, and I hopped on our bikes
and set out to find this house
in a part of town we’d never really explored before.
We rode around for half an hour,
our noses running and our eyes tearing up
from the chilling breeze
that rattled the leaves on the ground
and those left on the almost bare trees
and seemed to blow in our faces
no matter what direction we rode.
Finally, Nick stopped a mailman
in the middle of his route to ask directions.
“Go down to Villa,” he said,
“and keep going till you’re across the tracks.
Oak will be on your left.”
We peddled away
as fast as our 12-year-old legs would take us.
Kevin led the whole way,
racing toward the house of this brunette cheerleader
who sat next to him in Geography
and loved the X-Files as much as he did.
Nick and I could barely keep up.
We rode to Villa Avenue, crossed the tracks
and coasted down the hill
past Maple and Pine
flying around the corner when we found Oak.
Searching up and down the block,
we could not find number 35.
Dejected, we rode home,
determined to find her house another day
but still unsure
of what we would do when we did.

Posted by dpetrella at April 17, 2004 12:53 AM
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