January 2, 2006

A Fresh Year

New Years Day always gives me some time to think, as I imagine it probably does for a lot of people. I always feel better looking ahead towards the fun things I know I will do in the coming year. I also took the time to reflect back on all the things that changed in my life in 2005.

In Januray 2005 I was a Senior in Electrical Engineering at THE University of Illinois (hey, if ohio state can do it, why cant we?) in Champaign Illinois. I had 14 hours left to graduate. I was still confused how a lot of the classes I was taking were going to be useful in my life after college. I was having problems finalizing my schedule for the coming semester starting in mid-January, and was worried about graduating on time.

Well everything ended up falling into place for me, or at least almost everything. I figured out that I needed too many lab classes to complete them all in one semester, so I ended up taking my Senior Design Project over the summer, ehich was okay because I was paying rent until August anyways. It was also fun because several of my friends had chosen to stay down there all summer also, and fun times were had by all. I spent the majority of my summer looking for a job when I wasnt involved in my Design Project. Summer ended on a high note with a solid week of no class, no work, and lots of drinking.

Then it was time to face the real world, which is obviously the name of this blog. I spent aproximately 2 1/2 months looking for a job, riding the train downtown for interviews and combing websites, papers, newsletters and anything else I could find for leads to a possible job. In early October I began interviewing with Bayer Diagnostics. I went through 8 total interviews, which included 5 phone interviews and 3 actual face-to-face interviews for approximately a month. In late October they offered me a job, and it sounded pretty good so I accepted.

I started working on November 14th, and from Nov.28 to Dec.16 I was in New York for training. These last few weeks have been very busy, considering I wasnt able to do any shopping for peoples christmas gifts until the 17th.

Overall the holidays were good, it was nice to see some relatives I hadn't seen in a while, and I got to see some friends I hadn't seen also.

In 2006 I am looking forward to a number of things. In mid january and 3 weekd in February I will be in New York for training again, and I will be gone almost all of March for some more training in Norwood, MA (near Boston). Hopefully in early April I will be able to get my own place. This summer should be exciting since I will finally have money I can spend on social things, and I anticipate much time spent downtown and at different bars around the city. Some of my friends will be turning 21, and I look forward to the parties we're gonna have for those occasions. After that, I don't really know. This should be a good year.

Posted by princevermont at January 2, 2006 6:08 PM
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