April 3, 2006

Oh how the year has changed

I'm not really sure what I mean by that title. All I know is that things are moving pretty fast. I've currently narrowed the list of places I want to live down to two choices, Lisle and Naperville. I like the whole area, and housing (condos) are much cheaper out there than anywhere else. (without going too far away from the city)

I've been busy with work, but not too busy. Having something exciting to work on each day makes the days go faster, and definitely isnt boring. I'm working on the installation of a lab automation system this week, and will be going to Freeport, IL for three days next week for two additional installations. In May, I'll be going back to NY for 3 weeks, for some more training classes, and it'll be nice to be able to enjoy the city, instead of suffer through the 10F temperatures and stiff breezes.

I'd also like to get to some baseball games, and maybe see if I can get tickets for Conan also.

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