April 21, 2006

August and Everything After

Okay, another creative writing piece. This one was supposed to be a scene description.

It was a gorgeous August day, the kind that makes you want to lie in a field and stare at the deep blue sky. I stepped out of my parentsí car, and immediately felt the heat descend upon me. I was wearing a skirt and tank top, but the sun warmed the hair around my shoulders to an intolerable degree. Below the beautiful blue sky the cornfields of central Illinois were brown with drought and the pavement I was standing on reflected the heat of the afternoon back upon me.
I started towards the school with my father at my side. The rest of the family had gone ahead while we parked the car. Dozens of other students and their families swarmed from the parking lot and onto the lawn at the veterinary school. As my heels clattered from the blacktop to the sidewalk I realized that I couldnít run away in these shoes and began to sweat as the heat and panic rose in my body. I felt increasingly like I was walking to my own execution.
In reality it was a ceremony welcoming me into the vet school but the concept that I didnít belong here, that this was wrong, caused my nails to dig further into my already sweaty palms. My father looked over at me and saw my eyes darting back and forth, looking for escape routes from this sidewalk leading to the ceremony courtyard. He grabbed my hand and kept me walking as the sound of my heels slowed. My father continued to pull me along, and I went, but I had to forcibly stop myself from vomiting on the drought stricken grass under that cornflower blue sky.

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