May 2, 2007


So I really don't want to study and I figured ranting on and on in boardix wasn't really polite.
Yeah, I'm finishing up my first year in vet school. Go me. Vet school is not like college.
You need to maintain a 2.25 gpa to stay here- sounds easy, but its not, you can't get away with all c's
You can't fail a class. Makes sense, except if you do you're out of the entire program, no redos. They'll let you come back, but you have to retake the entire year, all of the classes. The courses are set up so that there are specific ones in the fall, and then the spring for each year you're here. Screw up one, and you've screwed up all of them.
Next year it gets worse. One of our classes requires a c or better on every exam. So you can't screw one up and make it up somewhere else. You get less than a c on one exam and you can retake that exam, during finals, and you get a d for the class, no matter what your other exam grades are. Get less than a c on two exams and you're done.
Class set up isn't like normal college. I've got class generally from 8-4 every day with a lunch hour, which is usually spent in meetings or studying. Somedays its longer. We need 13 credits of electives by our third year and they run till about 6 or so. So we spend all that time in class. Then we're supposed to study.
For next fall I've got 22 credits. And that's the normal load.
We're also expected to take part in extracirricular activities such as clubs, I'm on the open house committe, and lots of other random organizations that you need to get a job when you get out.
Here's my suggestion, go to business school, become a CEO. The only perks here are getting the word Dr. in front of your name and eat what you treat fridays. Rectal palpation is not as much fun as it sounds.

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