July 15, 2007

What the servers are doing in the kitchen

I started at a new restaurant on Thursday night. I was working somewhere, but this place has much higher food prices. So I started Thursday, worked at the other place Friday, gave my notice, and was back at the new place by last night. I get there last night and one of the other servers says �I�m so glad you came back, we though you were great, but after Thursday didn�t think you�d come back.�

Let me explain. I hate starting a new job. It�s always awkward, you�re never sure what you should be doing, and everyone�s watching you. They started me following another server. Of course they got busy, and I started taking tables. And my head starts to hurt. I realize it�s a migraine, but figure I can just go on through, make it until close.

Well of course it ends up being the worst migraine I�ve had in years. And I start to feel sick. I head for the bathroom, and it�s locked. So I head for the next closest garbage can, the kitchen. And there I stand, puking into the garbage can next to the dishwasher. Not too many people notice, the bartender gives me some soda water and I continue on. It�s my first night, I really don�t want to ask if I can go home sick. (Plus the money here is really good)

A little while later, I feel sick again. And the process repeats, except this time a few more people witness me losing what�s left of my lunch. (Mainly stomach acid at this point, that crap tastes so awful.) But I�m almost done, I just have to reset my tables. The manager asks if I�m okay to carry the tray of dishes back. �Of course I am, I�m fine, just a bad headache.� I can hardly see out of my right eye by now, the pain behind it is so bad. It�s finally time to close out, and I basically stand and nod as they try to teach me what to do to close out. I have no idea what they�re saying. I take my money and head out. I manage to drive home (not sure how, but I did stop and puke along the side of the road somewhere) and pass out with an ice pack on my head.

So there you have it, my first night and I puke in the kitchen twice. Great first impression. But I did go back (I had to, I quit my other job the next night), and I like the place. Too bad I�ll only be there for another three weeks before I magically �get off the waitlist into vet school and have to suddenly move� (Maybe they won�t notice I�m starting my second year.) But here�s a good piece of advice, try not to puke your first night, at least not that obviously. And migraines suck.

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Can you say obvious?

So Im spending the morning screwing around. Im at panera, having coffee and a bagel, mainly to use the internet, since I dont have any at my apartment here in Springfield. I do have it at work, but somehow I dont think they really appreciate me bumming around on facebook while I should be working. Plus, I dont really spend all that much time in my office. (yes, I do actually have my own office with a door, etc. )

So I like what Im doing this summer, its interesting. Im not really going to go into right now though, I just dont feel like writing that much. But a few of the things that have happened here recently have been slightly amusing (at least to me), so I thought Id go with that for right now.

So I work in the lab animal department of the SIU school of medicine in Springfield. Im a veterinary intern, and I work with the clinical vet here. We check on the animals that are used in experiments, and mainly watch over what the investigators are doing to make sure theyre following the guidelines set out for the humane use of animals, etc. We dont deal with the PIs (primary investigators) too much though, mainly their researchers and PhD students.

One of these students is really special. I am doing a research study about ammonia levels in mice cages (long story, not worth explaining). A few of the cages I was using to measure levels in were from this students lab. Before my study started, an e-mail went out informing all of these people what would be happening, and to please let me know if they were going to be using any specific animals over the next few weeks, so I could avoid those cages. Of course I got no responses.

Last week I was in the animal room and I see that two of the cages Im using no longer have tops on them. This is a problem, since my experiment measures levels of topped cages. The student is in there, shed been present a number of times when I was there, and knew what I was doing. I asked her about the cages and she informs me that those mice are now in an experiment of hers. At this point I only have a few more days of data points to take, so I ask her if I can put tops back on and continue.

She looks confused. (She looks like that a lot.) She asks what Im doing. After explaining again, and referencing the e-mail (Oh yeah, that e-mail) she decides its okay for me to put tops back on.

So this has been a lot of background info for one little punch line, but I think the stupidity is worth it. Finally she asks me Well how do I know which cages are in the study?
To this I reply Well they are the cages with the teal cards on the front that say Ammonia Study Oh, okay And the teal cards are large, and obvious, and mentioned in the e-mail.

Brilliant, right? This is a PhD student, I have no idea how she got her other degrees considering that she cant add 1.5 and 1.5 (watched that happen). She also cant remember the order in which shes supposed to gown in and out of the room. (she asked me the order after shed been working in there for two weeks, Im not sure what she was doing before.) So next time youre reading something on GH research, be very skeptical, because its possible it was written by someone who got the info from a fairy she saw.

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