June 05, 2005

things that could be cool

Well I only have a year left of college, hopefully. I've been thinking a lot lately about what kind of job I'd like to have after graduation. So far only a few of them actually line up with my areas of study. Uh-oh. Well, at least I have some options. And in no particular order, here's my list of jobs I'd enjoy after college.

1) own a vineyard
2) chef at some high class restaurant
3) body shop mechanic
4) work for a car company and design electrical stuff
5) anything relating to acoustics
6) janitor
7) carpenter
8) fixing up and reselling old houses with friends
9) spend time in the peace corps
10) professional moped racer

I'm thinking the chef, professional moped racer and vineyard owner could be combined into one super job. I'd probably have to move to Italy for that to happen which would kick arse.

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