July 10, 2004

wrestling with a bear

so this tuesday at work a bear wandered out of the preserve and into the bodyshop. The bear and I got into a fight. I won. But I was left with a decent sized scratch across the upper cheek. Ok, so the bear wasn't really a bear; it was a drill that fell and hit me, but nonetheless. . . It bled a lot at first. The guy I was working with was certain that I needed to go to the hospital, but I didn't think so. It's healing well, yay!

I went out for a ride today. I only planned to ride for an hour, maybe 20 miles or so, but once I was out there I couldn't resist. I ended up riding from wheaton to elgin and back. Twas a good day for it too. Here's the stats:
time: 2:55
avg: 15mph
dist: 43.53miles
max: 34mph

I was going to see if I could sustain 30mph for an extended period of time but I couldn't shift into my largest front cog because my derailleur hates me. sigh...

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July 6, 2004

nothing really new

This weekend was a lot of fun. Party Party Party. On saturday I went a little crazy with the two wheeled stuff. I went to countryside yamaha and got a helmet. It's a police cruizer type helmet, all white, totally bad ass. I got a couple of yamaha shirts too. Then I went to performance cycling in naperville and bought a couple of pairs of bike shorts and some other miscellaneous bike stuff. Big spending day. I'm still waiting on the moped parts. sigh...

Here's a picture of my man Lance from today

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July 3, 2004


today was a pretty sweet day.
This morning I got to cruise around churchill pond on one of the boats that I modified to see if the thing would hold up. It did. The rest of work was pretty standard.
After work I went for a bike ride. From work I pedaled down the IPP to the Elgin Branch which I took to Pratt-Wayne Forest Preserve. I took the Great Western Trail back. It was about 28 miles total. Oh, I passed these kids (twice) selling koolaid but I didn't stop to buy any. I sorta feel bad for not buying any. The first time I passed they were charging $0.25 a cup and on the way back it was $0.15.
Oooh, and tonight was a very successful night. Jennie and I introduced Melissa to the magic that is white castle! Plus I got to drive the Del Sol, which was the most fun I've had in forever

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