September 27, 2004

been too long

It's been too long to even attempt to fill in all the holes so I'll just skim over everything I can remember.
I ordered and built a new crossover for my most recent speaker project. The tweeters were insanely bright and it took me a while to discover that I wired a resistor incorrectly. Yea, I'm an electrical engineer, heh.
The first couple of weeks of school were great. I had tons of free time and was going to the IBRC group rides. Once hw kicked in, BAM, no more time for anything except copious amounts of drinking on the weekends. Fuck. The only positive I have on the cycling front is that I went home the other weekend and bought a trainer. It's a fluid filled adjustable resistance one, so it's relatively pimp.
What's the deal with school? Learning is fun, but not when that's ALL you do. I've come to the conclusion that there is a direct correlation between how much stress school induces to how much partying you do on the weekend. So that means that this last week must have been pretty terrible because I'm still covered with permanent marker from the weekend. And what's the deal with me and women? I need to chill out a little more which shouldn't mean "hey i need to get another beer." Alcohol can only give me so much confidence. The rest has to be of the non-liquid variety. Kordik, why did we give up on those girls? What the hell was I thinking, they seemed to like us! But I have to give you props for starting over again and succeeding. Damn I'm chicken; or maybe I'm an idiot , after the phone calls this weekend. Probably a little of both, but that's a whole different story. Has anyone else ever felt like they're loosing their "self"? Like you just have so much shit to do that you don't really have time to think about anything other than what you are doing? It's kind of scary really. If you stop thinking outside the box then where are any new thoughts going to come from? And without any new thoughts, how can you grow as a person? FUCK!!! I'm going to slice this fucking box to pieces so there can't be a goddamn box. And people, keep me from taping the box back up after I shred it, please.

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