November 29, 2004


wow, it's been too long. I'm sitting in the EWS lab right now. I tried to fall asleep, but this computer desk just isn't cutting it. Thanksgiving break was awesome. I was able to eat well, sleep and have a lot of fun, three things I don't really do at school. The tuesday before break I finally got out to Kickapoo state park with my bike. Kickapoo is 30 miles east of champaign and contains some of Illinois' only real MTB trails. Fuck was that great. I'd never been mtb'ing before so I didn't really know what to expect. . . I'm trying to think of how I should describe the experience, but the words just aren't coming. Hmmm, me thinks more investigation is necessary. On a completely unrelated topic, I bought a hamster over break. Lieutenant Mojo is her name (there's a story behind the name) and she's a red-eyed dwarf hamster. She's gotta be the cutest rodent I've ever seen. I'll upload a pic later.

Oh man the desk looks inviting, I'm gonna try and sleep again.

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November 6, 2004

in a book

"Fulbright's essential argument was that great nations get into trouble and can go into long-term decline when they are "arrogant" in the use of their power, trying to do things they shouldn't do in places they shouldn't be. He was suspicious of any foreign policy rooted in missionary zeal, which he felt would cause us to drift into commitments "which through generous and benevolent in content, are so far reaching as to exceed even America's great capacities." He also thought that when we brought our power to bear in the service of an abstract concept, like anti-communism, without understanding local history, culture, and politics, we could do more harm than good."
--An excerpt taken from "My Life"

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November 1, 2004


Fall is the best time to get out and ride. Yesterday, after I noticed it was 65 degrees, I managed to get out on my bike for an hour and a half. I cruised on over towards Sadorus (southwest of Champaign). I didn't actually make it to sadorus because the sun was setting and riding in the dark on country roads is scary as hell, but no matter. The weather was perfect. I like that slightly chilly feeling. There were lots of people burning leaves. I can understand why leaf burning is illegal in DuPage, too much smoke. Out in the country, however, the smoke is no big deal and the aroma is fantastic. I managed to keep up a respectable 18mph for about 25miles. I was hoping for a longer ride, but oh well. It's winter anyway (or at least close enough) so I'm supposed to be slacking off on the rides. I enjoyed myself and that's what matters.

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