December 10, 2004

Must nations eventually fall?

So I was seriously thinking yesterday, for the first time in a long time, about something other than school work. My thoughts spawned from some opinions and responses to opinions written in the Daily Illini. Apparently quite a few people feel that American casualties from the war in Iraq matter more than Iraqi casualties. Now I know most of the people that read this would disagree and I'm glad that you do. You people rock and should all run for some local governmental office. Anyways, I've noticed a general sense of complacency among most americans. Maybe it's been this way for a long time, I dunno, I haven't been around a long time, but whatever the situation may be, this sense of complacency troubles me.

Now let me digress. What usually happens to extremely poor nations? There's usually also some sort of social unrest amongst the populous which can lead to civil wars, coups or even ethnic cleansing (ie Nazi Germany). So basically things get worse befor they get better, if they ever get better. Now what usually happens to extremely rich nations?

I wonder if a somewhat similar downward spiral happens to extremely rich nations. It makes sense in a scientifical sort of way. Nature tends to try and balance everything out, so as long as there's rich and poor nations nature will try and balance the two out. Unfortunately, war is usually the equilizer and if it's not war doing the equilizing, then it'll be some other type of social battle.

Ok so now back to my initial topic of America's complacency. I'm under the suspicion that complacency is a very very bad thing. Complacency can lead to laziness and indifference. See where I'm going with this yet? I believe that it's America's sense of complacency that has led some Americans to adopt the appalling idea that Iraqi lives matter less than American lives. We feel unconnected from the situation.

Americans don't feel tied to the rest of the world. We're self sufficient, rich and strong. Fuck the rest of the world, we don't need them! And while we're at it, since we're so strong and great, why don't we spread our ideas to the rest of the world. Afterall, our ideas worked so well for us. . . I got news people, they're not us! I'm not saying we shouldn't help other nations though, but there's definitely a fine line to be walked.

I think America's sense of indifference will, sooner than later, lead to our downfall. This don't care attitude is dangerous. It opens the door for a strong willed minority to manipulate the nation. Can you say “popular media?”

It's an unpleasant thought, but hardships are the only way to keep people from becoming complacent. The longer America enjoys the good years, the worse the manipulation may get and the stronger the levelling force of rich vs poor may grow. Again, does this ring any bells? the fall of the media, terrorism. . .

Well, at the moment, I think that's all of my ideas. I'm still mulling everything over so I may post some updates to me theory. Anywho, I'll finish my thoughts with a few ideas.
Wealthy nations cannot survive forever.
Unrest of any significant amount keeps people from becoming complacent.
Complacency is evil and is the reason wealthy nations cannot survive indefinitely.

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