February 7, 2007

This is only to make Matt feel better about himself

But then tear away his hopes and dreams upon clickage. I was gonna post this anyways, but its even funnier that just mentioned posting 8 out of 10 recents.

Random Pandora Artist from Vancouver. Not bad... heard them on Muse Radio.

On news from me: Live/ in development site: highestcontract.com

Fun stuff like php sessions, logins, all that fun shit. the admin site is the best part, with tons of database accessing and sorting and field editing and real-time database manipulation via ALTER DROP ADD stuff.

OOo_0 or something like that.

if you wanna play: u:kordix p:blogroll

if you wanna play with the admin site, let me know, i'll give you password and such... but the site is live so i can't have it floating around everywhere.


PS. wanna spam DanK? keep requesting the password be sent to the kordix username*. okaythanksbye

*won't actually send to his address.

Posted by blind487 at February 7, 2007 10:49 AM
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