Run (part 1)
December 22, 2004 - 01:34 AM - # - Influenced by the writings of D.F. Petrella and friends

I hate driving in the dark. I can't believe it gets dark this early.
I'm shivering in my coat with that icy wind blowing into my broken window. Maybe if I drive faster an icy sheild will form over it.
Man I want some ice cream.
Damn, it's been over a year since that happened. Why'd they have to break the window!?
Why haven't you taken care of it yet?
I'll get around to it.
You mean wait until someone holds a gun to your head?
I've already stopped listening.

I'm driving. I'm driving? How long have I been driving?
Think.. what's the last thing you remember?
Water. Falling water. No, I'm pouring water. I'm pouring water. No.. smells like... gasoline. Pouring gasoline.
Thats right.
I was mowing the lawn? Who's lawn was I mowing? No wait- there is snow on the ground. Thats gotta be an older memory.
Try again.
Okay.. well I was pouring gasoline recently then. And now I'm driving. Really fast. And its dark.
But you made it bright before, didn't you.
I've stopped listening.