Artwork from the hive
December 9, 2006 - 7:56 AM - # - Influenced by

A fresh art piece sits in the corner of an art gallery. The artist slaved over this piece for months and looked back on their traditional art education and art theory that they studied so hard in school as they were creating every bit and piece. One day, the artist hangs around at the gallery near his piece for the entire day and observes the reactions of passersby. A few people stop and look with arms folded and a hand on their chin. They move on. Is it art? Is it any good?

Anyone who been around on the net long enough has encountered something like People pump out fresh evolving artwork at an incredible rate. Most don't blink a conscious neuron as they direct the symphony of elements together. They naturally place things together that feel right. Really really right. Slowing down their thinking to incorporate hand fed knowledge doesn't occur, and with better results. A lack of traditional education application allows the artist to get the conscious mind out of the way and just do.

A fresh entry pops up on Blip, another. Blip. Blip. Diving into each entry, one can find the personal comments of hundreds of others who have experienced the pieces. Next. Next piece. Next.