June 4, 2005

apartment goodness

i started my job on wednesday. it's pretty cool. there are a bunch of people in their 20s, so that's nice. they said i'd probably be training for 3-4 weeks, and that blows. training is boring! i just want to start working. this week i had parts training. we learned all about the bearings and housings. it was a lot of information, and it was really hard to stay awake.
i leave for work about 6:45 a.m., and it takes me between 40-50 minutes. coming home takes me close to 2 hours. it is so horrible. the traffic is insane, especially in schaumburg. so today i went apartment hunting. i found the place online, at apartments.com, and it looked super nice so i made an appointment.
well... it was super nice. pool, hot tub, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, racquetball courts, clubhouse, fitness center, billiards room, and even a lake. i went there this morning with jon and we toured a one bedroom apartment. i really liked it a lot, so i convinced my parents to come back with me in the afternoon.
surprisingly, they also liked it, and i put down a deposit for a one bedroom! and my balcony faces the lake!!! (i'm really excited!) so anyway, i move in july 1st if anyone wants to help you get free beer. and maybe pizza.
here's the link if anyone is interested. my floorplan is A1.


Posted by JenMagenta at June 4, 2005 6:48 PM

Cool, let's hear it for jobs and apartments and me being drunk! You told me to read your blog and I decided to drunk reply to it. Thanks for trying to make me feel good about myself, it's a lie. We've gotta finish this keg.

Posted by: Griegs at June 5, 2005 2:32 AM

Thats awesome! I'm jealous... my place is a hole.

Posted by: dan at June 5, 2005 11:57 PM

ha ha- my place is a hole too :)))) You never believe- i work for apartment search company but i never had a time to find a house for myself.. i say i must improve on that thing.. :)

Posted by: 4rentinla at September 23, 2005 3:54 AM

It's the best situation when you can work with young ppl and how hard to work with older. You are lucky.. ;)

Posted by: california at November 15, 2005 3:33 AM
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