July 28, 2008

weight watchers update #1

i just started my eighth week of doing weight watchers and working out three times a week. i've been doing really good at sticking to my points and working out, and i'm pretty proud of myself. my starting weight 8 weeks ago was 131. this morning i weighed myself and i am 125.7. my goal is 115, even though i have gotten a lot of flack about going so low.

i am eating 21 points a day right now, less than i was allowed to eat when i started. i'm guessing pretty soon it will go down to 20. then i will be sad. lol. but going to the gym is really great because i usually do the elliptical for 30 mins and then get to eat 3 more points.

i've been cooking dinner all the time recently, and i have a lot of low cal/fat recipes if anyone is interested. i've been eating a lot more fruit than i usually eat too, along with a lot of cereal (cheerios and special k), and weight watchers ice cream cups--they're only 2 points! i've been saving my flex points for the weekend (mmm booze and bar food) and that has been working really well. also, i just found out that new MGD light is only 1 point per beer!!! i'm not a miller fan, but it's worth a try.

10 more lbs to goal!

Posted by JenMagenta at July 28, 2008 7:21 PM
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