April 18, 2005


i should be studying for my latin american lit quiz, but i can't concentrate. so i've been reading everyone's blogs, and i finally decided to add something to mine. this weekend i went to u of i yet again, and i brought my brother with. he's going there next year as a leisure studies major and i wanted him to get a feel for the school before he went.

it was an awesome weekend, and i think he had a good time. he's approaching a really difficult time in his life though; he is going away to school and his girlfriend is staying at home and going to cod. they have been together for almost a year, and he tells me that they are going to get married. i can understand what he is going through, as i know many of you also can. i went off to college hoping that my relationship would work out... right.... but that is practically impossible. everyone changes SO much during college. you realize who your friends really are, you lose contact with others and end up just stalking them on facebook, and you figure out what you want with your life.
i think that everything does turn out for the best, and i truly believe that things happen for a reason. i think this is evident in my life; finally things make sense, and i couldn't be happier.

i hope that everything works out for my brother too, and i'm sure it will, and i am relieved knowing that all of my friends in champaign will be there for him when i can't be.

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April 4, 2005

my real job

guess what? i have a job! i am going to be a customer service representative at fyh bearings in wauconda, which means i work in the office to support the outside sales reps, and i deal with customer issues with the products. fyh is based in japan, and at the wauconda location we import bearings from japan and sell/distribute them all over the u.s. my starting salary is 27,000, which kind of doesn't sound like a lot, but they pay all the insurance so i won't have any of that taken out of my check, and i will get a raise after 90 days and again after a year, and i will get a monthly bonus depending on how the sales department does each month.
the job is 8am-5pm (with an hour for lunch) monday-friday, which will be such a nice change from my evenings and weekends at outback. quitting outback will be the weirdest thing ever though... i don't know what i will do without the food discount!
wauconda is really far, about miles 40 from villa park. so i want to move out there. i'm hoping that my parents will give me a loan so i can put a down payment on a condo.
the best part of my job: fyh takes a "company vacation" every summer, and this year they're going to puerto rico. it's free for me to go, and i get to bring someone with me- and all they have to pay is their airfare. hmm... who should i bring?

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