July 11, 2006


so we're all moved in to our apartment, and jon started his job last monday. i have been searching and applying for jobs for about a week now, with no luck. applying for jobs is tricky, because you don't know when you should just take a break and hope for some phone calls. that's the stage i'm in right now. i've applied for 7 jobs and haven't heard anything yet. i know it takes time to review resumes and do background checks and stuff, but when is it time to move on and apply for 7 MORE jobs? i have no idea.

i'm trying to have a little more discretion when i apply for jobs now than i had when i was applying right out of college. i don't want to work in an office, but it's hard not to b/c so many office jobs are available, and you have a good schedule with nights and weekends and holidays off. and i definitely need a job that will give me holidays off because i want to come home to chicago for christmas. anyhow, this is what i've applied for thus far: phoenix elementary schools- parent liaison and instructional assistant; scottsdale elementary schools- instructional assistant; maricopa medical center- administrative assistant; ASU- administrative assistant; phoenix zoo- event planner; and at bally's- front desk.

i know that part of my problem with finding a job is that i'm being really picky, because last time i got a job i wasn't picky at all, and i eneded up not enjoying my job and being kind of depressed when i went into work every morning. i think the worst part of my job was talking to customers on the phone. if you've never had a job that required this, you're lucky. because it sucks. when i worked at outback i had to take orders over the phone, but usually people knew what they wanted when they called and the conversations lasted about 1-2 minutes. but at FYH, customers would call and it was obvious that this is only the second time in their life that they had dialed a telephone, and they had no idea why they were calling or what FYH sold. it got really frustrating, and it seemed like the phones rang every 2 seconds. i also did not enjoy working in an office in a tiny little cube where i couldn't see any windows. i just kind of felt like i was wasting my life. but maybe that's what work is.

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