September 20, 2006

if i only had some experience

i'd have a job. it's a catch 22. you want a job so you can get the experience, but they only want to hire someone with experience.

well, i do have a job. but i could have had one that pays three times as much money. i'm just frustrated. really frustrated. i work for a school district as an instructional assistant, and i applied for this new position, called parent liaison/community learning center coordinator, a few weeks ago. basically the job is from bush's "no child left behind" program, and the school i work for got a "21st century grant", so they are supposed to start a community learning center where the kids can go to after school for extra-cirricular programs, and where parents can go to learn how to help their kids with their homework, and community members can go to learn english.

i am extremely well qualified for the position. i already work in the district, i have experience working with the kids and parents who will be using the learning center, i have a degree, i can speak spanish (95% of the kids are hispanic), i have a million ideas for programs for the center, i also researched online what other schools have done who received the grant, and i live in the district so i am really part of the community. plus my interview went REALLY well.

finally yesterday i called to find out what was going on because i hadn't heard anything in almost 2 weeks, and she called me back today to tell me that they need someone with more experience for the position so they are still looking. wtf!?! so basically they have no one, but the know that they definitely don't want me.

so now i need to figure out what to do. i was just going to work at my job until this position opened up and then i was hopefully going start the new position w/ the much higher salary. but now everything is up in the air. i have a few options, i could stay in my position and ask for a raise, or i could maybe be a sub in my district (i make about $60/day right now and subs make $100/day), or i could go to a different district and sub. the only downside to subbing is that you don't get insurance, so i'd have to pay for it myself.

so yeah... any suggestions?

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