October 5, 2006

just a serving

you've all seen the commercials. one bowl of special k for breakfast, one for lunch, eat a normal dinner and in 2 weeks you'll lose up to 6 lbs. sounds pretty easy, right? well i decided to try it. and it is easy. special K tastes good, you don't have to change your beverage consumption or what you eat for dinner, you don't have to count calories or points or whatever.

but my problem is that you're only allowed to have 1 serving of special K as a meal. do you have any idea how small a serving is?!?! well the regular special K has 1 cup for a serving, but other varieties have 3/4 c. for a serving. it's UNBELIEVABLY small. tomorrow morning when you're having your cereal, pour just one serving (according to the box) into your cereal bowl.... then be happy you're not doing the special K challenge and pour in more.

btw, i weighed 5 lbs less this morning than i did on monday morning... but i think my weight just fluctuates a lot, i don't think i lost that much already from eating spec K.

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