January 4, 2007

the year ahead

2007 is going to be filled with working, going to grad school, and traveling. it's going to be super busy, super expensive, and super fun.

working: teaching special ed resource kids at an elementary school in phoenix

grad school: next week i'm starting a masters of education program at grand canyon university in phoenix

march- the grand canyon with my family
LA for the Price is Right with sarah and annie

april- vegas w/ jon for elise's birthday

june- anaheim, ca to visit my aunts who are vacationing there

july- home to chicago

october- laura's wedding in begium

december- back to chicago for christmas

also in 2007 jon and i will be buying a condo or townhouse along with 2 puppies who will be best friends. hopefully we will get a lot more visitors this year- hint hint to all my blog readers.

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