September 16, 2007

another blog about diets

so i'm sure you're all sick of hearing me talk about diets... but hey, you're the one who's still reading this. anyway, i did the weight watchers thing for a few weeks and ended up cheating A LOT. so i didn't lose any weight. then one of my co-workers started this new diet and lost 8 lbs in 5 days and i was like hmm maybe i should try that too.

so i bought the book:
basically you take the 25 question quiz to determine what your body type is. the quiz includes questions about what your food cravings are, where you gain fat on your body, etc. and then there are also emotional/social and physical health questions too. for women there are 4 body types: thyroid, adrenal, gonadal, and pituitary. i am a thyroid type which means the thyroid is my dominant gland. it's overstimulated so i crave sweets and caffeine all the time. the diet works to balance out the glands and get rid of cravings.

this is my diet:

2 eggs, any style
1/2 slice whole grain bread with butter
raspberry leaf tea

4 oz. lean meat
at least 1 c. vegetables
1 serving whole grain (can be bread, rice, etc.)
1 c. milk
raspberry leaf tea

dinner is the same as lunch. for snacks i can have protein- half a hard boiled egg or turkey jerky or something like that. also, i have to eat lunch 4 hours after breakfast, and dinner 6 hours after lunch. and i CANNOT have caffeine, sugar or alcohol. each body type has a tea which is supposed to help reduce food cravings. luckily mine is raspberry leaf, one of my co-workers has parsley tea.

i wasn't sure if i could do this diet. it seemed so restrictive. and i love sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. but i tried it anyway because my co-worker had so much success with it. i had a really horrible caffeine-withdrawal headache for the first few days i was on it, and i was also really drained of energy those days b/c i was used to getting boosts from sugar and caffeine throughout the day. after the first few days i started to feel awesome. i have more energy than i have ever had in my life. and i'm finally starting to like working out. crazy.

the first four days i did the diet, i'd wake up and realize i lost 2 more pounds. it was sweet. the first day i weighed 130, then 128, then 126, then 124. my goal was 120, but i've been stuck at 124 for awhile now. there is a "last five pounds" diet, but i'm not sure if i really want to do it because it's even more restrictive and basically takes out bread from your meals... which is sad.

but anyway, this diet is pretty cool. once you're at your desired weight then you just need to maintain it. they have a list of often foods, sometimes foods, and rarely foods to eat, so once in awhile i can have sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. meanwhile, i've been eating sugar free chocolate pudding which is pretty good. basically my cravings are gone, but i still do love chocolate.

i'll bring the book with me when i come to chicago in october if anyone is interested in taking the test, or you can buy it at border's or amazon.

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